Organic Dutch Oven Baked Bread {Recipe}

I’ve been really excited about my latest baking expedition, which is of baking bread in a Dutch Oven, or a cast iron pot. A Dutch Oven is a covered earthenware or cast-iron container for cooking casseroles. I have two of these and I had no idea how easy baking bread could be until I triedContinue reading “Organic Dutch Oven Baked Bread {Recipe}”

Mild Thai Yellow Curry {Toddler Approved}

A few days ago, I decided to make things easier for myself by cooking up a one-pot green curry for the whole family. As the ready-made green curry paste is too spicy for Savya, I had to create something separate for him. I used 5 different vegetables, coconut milk and curry powder with nice chunksContinue reading “Mild Thai Yellow Curry {Toddler Approved}”

Terrible Two’s! Tantrums in Full Effect.

With all the advice you get as an expecting parent and as a new parent, nothing prepares you for the tantrums. They’re just tiny, cute, angry AF people with the rage of a million Spartans looking for vengeance. RAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! You try to reason with them. NOPE. You try to bribe them. NOPE. You try toContinue reading “Terrible Two’s! Tantrums in Full Effect.”

Rainbow Rice Recipe {Toddler Approved}

We as parents know the struggle of feeding a small child. I mean let’s be honest, sometimes it’s a struggle to feed ourselves when it’s getting toward the end of the day and you just don’t have the energy, but you don’t want to order in again. There are days I don’t want to cook,Continue reading “Rainbow Rice Recipe {Toddler Approved}”

Tutti Bambini’s Barcelona Nursery Furniture: Transitioning from Cot-Bed to Cot!

So kiddo has been climbing in and out of his cotbed, and it’s been causing him a bit of bruising (obviously), so as it was a hazard, we decided to take the sides down. From the photos, the transition seems pretty easy, but in actuality, it took us about an hour to figure it out (granted, weContinue reading “Tutti Bambini’s Barcelona Nursery Furniture: Transitioning from Cot-Bed to Cot!”

Sunlight and Scarves? YAS!

Sunlight in the UK is rare. When it does pop out to say hello, all of England goes abuzz in a good mood. I mean, who doesn’t love a little Vitamin D? Savya and I soaked up some sun in the back garden, but not before I bundled him up. I bought 2 new scarvesContinue reading “Sunlight and Scarves? YAS!”

Toddler Approved: Turkey and Veggies {Serve w/ Rice or Pasta}

When Savya was unwell a few weeks ago, he refused to eat anything. This made me even more stressed out than usual. How was I going to entice his appetite to come back? I did everything I could to try and make yummy and nutritious foods. Anything to make him eat more than 5 mouthfulsContinue reading “Toddler Approved: Turkey and Veggies {Serve w/ Rice or Pasta}”

IKEA MÅLA: Arts & Crafts for Kids

The IKEA MÅLA line is all of their arts and crafts items. They also have a huge line of toys, play items like kitchen sets, and more. If you aren’t familiar with it, the items are surprisingly well made and very affordable. After Savya expressed great interest in the chalkboard and chalk during our lastContinue reading “IKEA MÅLA: Arts & Crafts for Kids”

My 30th in Albufeira: A Holiday in Portugal with a Toddler!

During the third week of October, Suraj, Savya and I travelled to Algarve, Portugal. Suraj insisted we celebrate by 30th birthday in some way. We booked last minute (like, 3 days in advance) through Expedia and flew via RyanAir. We had warm weather and stayed at an all-inclusive resort called Hotel São Rafael Suites.  SavyaContinue reading “My 30th in Albufeira: A Holiday in Portugal with a Toddler!”

Future Motörhead?

Both Savya’s Dad and Grandad have a deep appreciation for cars. His Dad, more than Grandad, has an absolute love and weakness for a great car. Is this genetically transferable? Because I swear it is.  Savya also seems to share this appreciation. So much, in fact, that every time a car passes us while weContinue reading “Future Motörhead?”

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