Simple Salmon Fish Curry {Toddler Approved}

Today I’ll be posting another family favourite: fish curry! I like to make mine with salmon, but you can chose any fish you prefer. Nepalis add lemon straight into their fish curry for a slightly tart flavour, but you can just keep lemon wedges on the side, if you prefer. The method is pretty simple,Continue reading “Simple Salmon Fish Curry {Toddler Approved}”

Vegan Steamed Momo Recipe {Nepali-styled Gyoza}

Momos are an absolute favourite for many people. They are parcels of fragrant, juicy flavour, eaten with a spicy tomato sauce. Veggie dumplings are always a favourite for those who enjoy momos, but abstain from meat and fish. They are super easy to make, absolutely delicious, and are vegan and dairy-free. Depending on the wrappersContinue reading “Vegan Steamed Momo Recipe {Nepali-styled Gyoza}”

Tasty Tuesday: Usha La’s Dabangg Turkey Momo Recipe

As per my previous post raving about jhol momo, here is my favourite way how to eat these little parcels of joy. I still can’t believe that turkey can taste so flavourful! Momos are flavourful and a great way to bond with family. Some of my fondest memories growing up revolve around friends and familyContinue reading “Tasty Tuesday: Usha La’s Dabangg Turkey Momo Recipe”

Tasty Tuesday: Dabangg Jhol Momo!

Nepalis LOVE momos. Momos are Nepalese dumplings, or Nepalese styled gyoza. We typically eat it with achaar, a spicy tomato sauce. It’s a favourite and there are many methods to both preparing the filling and folding the parcels. So after a few weeks of Suraj winging and whining for jhol momo, I finally conceded andContinue reading “Tasty Tuesday: Dabangg Jhol Momo!”

Mom’s Famous Egg Curry Recipe

For as long as I can remember, every single event featured my mom’s egg curry. It was delicious, warm, full of flavour, and quite easy to make for large batches. She boils the eggs in a large batch, cools, then fries each egg. My Mom used to always make the sauce at home by simplyContinue reading “Mom’s Famous Egg Curry Recipe”

Tasty Tuesday: The Sukuti Life

Nepali’s absolutely love sukuti. The word itself makes most people’s mouth start to water. What is sukuti? It is goat meat that has been smoked under a fire and dried very well. Almost like a very thick, jerky. It’s stored and used to make curries, stews, and other delicious Nepalese foods to warm the bellyContinue reading “Tasty Tuesday: The Sukuti Life”

Tasty Tuesday’s Baby Edition: Nepali Jaulo {Recipe}

Hi All! I thought I’d share with you what Savya typically eats on a regular basis. We have always tried to be very mindful as to what foods have a good or bad effect on him. One food that has always been beneficial is Jaulo, a Nepali rice porridge with mild spices which are goodContinue reading “Tasty Tuesday’s Baby Edition: Nepali Jaulo {Recipe}”

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