Big Batch Banana Bread Recipe {with Walnuts}

Growing up, my Mother always made large batches of delicious banana bread to give to others. Food is a way of saying she cares, and whenever she makes banana bread, she always shares with those who she cared about. I ended up having a lot of large, overripened bananas during the holiday season, so I remembered my…

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I’ve been nominated for a blog award!

Hi all! I’ve been nominated for an award sponsored by the famous NepaliAustralian. Every year, she holds awards to celebrate blogging. Only 5 blogs in every category are nominated, and as luck would have it, so was mine. The category Life With Tisha has been nominated for is “Best Fashion Blog 2016.” I am more than honoured to have the opportunity for my humble blog to be nominated amongst so many others!

How To Vote:

  1. Go to this location to vote:
  2. Please copy the following on the comment box and type 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 next to each category.
  • Best Blog for 2016
  • Best Photo Blog 2016
  • Best Food Blog 2016
  • Best Travel Blog 2016
  • Best Fashion Blog 2016: #1          <— (Life With Tisha)
  • Best Personal Blog 2016
  • Most Diverse Blog 2016
  • Best New Blog 2016s

The Rules:

  1. E-mail addresses or blog addresses are required to vote.
  2. One person can vote once for every category.

Thank you so much for your help and support! Feel free to check out the other great blogs that have been nominated as they are all wonderful.




Tasty Tuesday: Let Them Eat (Lemon Yogurt) Cake!🍋

If you like cakes, the tart of lemon balanced by the sweetness of sugar, and moist texture that will make everyone gobble up this goodness, then make this. Enjoy your cake without a side of beheading or hint of a French Revolution. I wouldn’t mind the dresses and wigs though, TBH. Marie Antoinette was for…

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