Organic Dutch Oven Baked Bread {Recipe}

I’ve been really excited about my latest baking expedition, which is of baking bread in a Dutch Oven, or a cast iron pot. A Dutch Oven is a covered earthenware or cast-iron container for cooking casseroles. I have two of these and I had no idea how easy baking bread could be until I triedContinue reading “Organic Dutch Oven Baked Bread {Recipe}”

Terrible Two’s! Tantrums in Full Effect.

With all the advice you get as an expecting parent and as a new parent, nothing prepares you for the tantrums. They’re just tiny, cute, angry AF people with the rage of a million Spartans looking for vengeance. RAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! You try to reason with them. NOPE. You try to bribe them. NOPE. You try toContinue reading “Terrible Two’s! Tantrums in Full Effect.”

US vs UK: National Lipstick Day Deals at MAC Cosmetics

Okay folks, it's National Lipstick Day, and the deals are flowing in all over the world. Okay, let's be honest. The best ones are in America. I'm getting emails from my American accounts letting me know that I can get a free lipstick at MAC stores and retailers (including Bloomingdales, Macy's, Nordstrom's) and select ULTA'sContinue reading “US vs UK: National Lipstick Day Deals at MAC Cosmetics”

Etude House Sunprise Sunscreen SPF 50+ {Review}

I sweat. I sweat a lot. It's why makeup in the summer has almost always been a no-go for me. It's also why I don't look forward to summer. Sweating profusely on your face isn't cute. Growing up in California, I can vividly remember giving up on wearing makeup during the hot days of summer.Continue reading “Etude House Sunprise Sunscreen SPF 50+ {Review}”

Porcini Mushroom and Cavolo Nero Linguini {Recipe}

This bowl of deliciousness is actually a pasta I randomly made out of necessity for lunch one day. It was the day before we went for our weekly shop, and the fridge was looking sparce. I was out of most things except for a bit of cavolo nero (black kale) and leftover raw red bellContinue reading “Porcini Mushroom and Cavolo Nero Linguini {Recipe}”

Butternut Squash Lasagna {Recipe}

Okay folks, ask and you shall receive. I’ve now pretty much perfected this dish to my own preferences, but obviously, you can do whatever you want with it. While I use spinach, you can always sub for kale. I wouldn’t sub the butternut squash though – there’s really nothing like it.  If you’re in England,Continue reading “Butternut Squash Lasagna {Recipe}”

Sunlight and Scarves? YAS!

Sunlight in the UK is rare. When it does pop out to say hello, all of England goes abuzz in a good mood. I mean, who doesn’t love a little Vitamin D? Savya and I soaked up some sun in the back garden, but not before I bundled him up. I bought 2 new scarvesContinue reading “Sunlight and Scarves? YAS!”

Jungle Adventure: Surrounded by Wild Animals – Err, Cute Kids? {Soft Play Centre Review}

This past weekend, we headed toward Stanway’s famously clean and well-lit indoor soft play area, Jungle Adventure. Whoah, was it an adventure, alright! Lots of high energy kids running about everywhere. Slides, ropes, climbing areas,  while all exhausted parents gave each other equally exhausted looks of “in solidarity” and allowed our kiddos to commence exhaustingContinue reading “Jungle Adventure: Surrounded by Wild Animals – Err, Cute Kids? {Soft Play Centre Review}”

Tasty Tuesday: Battle of the Brands! Mae Ploy VS Maesri

For this week’s Tasty Tuesday, I thought I’d share my personal experience with home cooking and making Thai-styled green curry at home. It’s a battle between curry brands Mae Ploy and Maesri! Which will make the most delicious green curry?    Scenario: Last Saturday I decided to cook up some green curry. Previously, we hadContinue reading “Tasty Tuesday: Battle of the Brands! Mae Ploy VS Maesri”

Tasty Tuesday: The Case of the Thai Takeaway

So it was a Saturday evening, the In-Laws were away, and husband was in the mood for Thai food but didn’t want me to cook. We said okay to ordering Thai food in Colchester from one of two restaurants which were recommended by a friend with the warning that it would be mediocre by normalContinue reading “Tasty Tuesday: The Case of the Thai Takeaway”

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