The Great Cake Mishap of April 2017

Savya turned 2, which means we wanted to eat chiffon cake. This year, I made sure to make one for him with lots of love. Asian Bakery Chiffon Cake was officially on the menu. I bought yummy mandarin oranges, pineapples, blueberries, and strawberries, sugar animal decorations, chocolate stars, and whipped up some fresh cream for icing.…

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Dorama + Rabbokki! A 10-Minute Ramyun + Ttokkbokki Recipe

I love ttokkbokki, and to be honest, fell in love with it after discovering Korean dramas and how amazing they are. Korean dramas love to show great food scenes and every drama has at least one scene where the main characters go to eat spicy rice cakes. Characters always described ttokkkbokki as chewy, sweet, spicy,…

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Business Review: Osteopathy in Colchester – the bad, the worst, and the absolute best. 

This is a rather long story, but it’s worthwhile if you’re searching for an expert back cracker! When I first moved to England from California, I searched for a chiropractor to continue my care. I was really confused because the term “osteopath” was widely used, and I was unaccustomed to hearing the terminology. Turns out…

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Sunlight and Scarves? YAS!

Sunlight in the UK is rare. When it does pop out to say hello, all of England goes abuzz in a good mood. I mean, who doesn’t love a little Vitamin D? Savya and I soaked up some sun in the back garden, but not before I bundled him up. I bought 2 new scarves…

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Saturday Salutations (Savya is Sick!)

Hello dear readers, I’m so sorry I couldn’t post yesterday for our Fresh Faced Friday. Little Savya has been ill with a chest infection and the fever raged all day and night. #TeamNoSleep! I am officially a member of The Night’s Watch.  He is slowly on the mend and we’re getting through it with a…

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Jungle Adventure: Surrounded by Wild Animals – Err, Cute Kids? {Soft Play Centre Review}

This past weekend, we headed toward Stanway’s famously clean and well-lit indoor soft play area, Jungle Adventure. Whoah, was it an adventure, alright! Lots of high energy kids running about everywhere. Slides, ropes, climbing areas,  while all exhausted parents gave each other equally exhausted looks of “in solidarity” and allowed our kiddos to commence exhausting…

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I’ve been nominated for a blog award!

Hi all! I’ve been nominated for an award sponsored by the famous NepaliAustralian. Every year, she holds awards to celebrate blogging. Only 5 blogs in every category are nominated, and as luck would have it, so was mine. The category Life With Tisha has been nominated for is “Best Fashion Blog 2016.” I am more than honoured to have the opportunity for my humble blog to be nominated amongst so many others!

How To Vote:

  1. Go to this location to vote:
  2. Please copy the following on the comment box and type 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 next to each category.
  • Best Blog for 2016
  • Best Photo Blog 2016
  • Best Food Blog 2016
  • Best Travel Blog 2016
  • Best Fashion Blog 2016: #1          <— (Life With Tisha)
  • Best Personal Blog 2016
  • Most Diverse Blog 2016
  • Best New Blog 2016s

The Rules:

  1. E-mail addresses or blog addresses are required to vote.
  2. One person can vote once for every category.

Thank you so much for your help and support! Feel free to check out the other great blogs that have been nominated as they are all wonderful.




Children’s Clothing: Why I Buy Girl’s Clothing For My Son

It all starts from the womb. Are you having a boy or girl? Blue or pink? Shirts with frills or dinosaurs? Maddening, really. Why do we put our kids in stupid gender conforming boxes? I clearly remember being a little girl with dinosaur and reptile books galore.  I noticed that when shopping for my son,…

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