Aloo Ko Achaar (Nepali Spicy Potatoes)

One of my favourite recipes is my Mom’s famous spicy potato dish. Any time someone asks for my Mom to make something, they always ask her to make this and her famously spicy achaar. Ah, my mouth is just watering thinking about it! INGREDIENTS: 750g small potatoes 1 tbsp salt 1/3 cup lemon juice 3/4Continue reading “Aloo Ko Achaar (Nepali Spicy Potatoes)”

How to Create a Colourful Veggie Platter {Recipe}

I created this fun platter for a family gathering. What’s the best way to do start making your own? Pick a platter, count how many areas there are for placing food items, and pick out some colourful, yummy goodies that everybody likes. In this case, I picked out tortilla chips, beetroot, baby plum tomatoes, cucumber,Continue reading “How to Create a Colourful Veggie Platter {Recipe}”

The One Who Cooks, The One Who Cleans

In every relationship, there’s the one that cooks, and the one that cleans. In my relationship, I am the one that cooks, and Suraj is the one that cleans. He is always the first one to get up and do dishes after dinner. I tell you – there is nothing more appreciated than a partnerContinue reading “The One Who Cooks, The One Who Cleans”

The Great 6-Hour Tantrum of September

The start of September 2017 shall forever be known as the emergence of the Great 6-Hour Tantrum of September, when Savya literally lost his shit about everything until he fell asleep well past his naptime. I nearly lost my mind, and had no respite because my husband was in Amsterdam for a 3-day work trip,Continue reading “The Great 6-Hour Tantrum of September”

Terrible Two’s! Tantrums in Full Effect.

With all the advice you get as an expecting parent and as a new parent, nothing prepares you for the tantrums. They’re just tiny, cute, angry AF people with the rage of a million Spartans looking for vengeance. RAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! You try to reason with them. NOPE. You try to bribe them. NOPE. You try toContinue reading “Terrible Two’s! Tantrums in Full Effect.”

Flooding in Nepal: Fundraising for Terai

The 2015 Nepal earthquake was devastating, decimating many poor villages outside of the capital. Most of the money wired to the government still have not reached the smaller villages, and that which did was not enough to rebuild their homes. If it were not for the funds sent through the hands of non-profit organizations likeContinue reading “Flooding in Nepal: Fundraising for Terai”

US vs UK: National Lipstick Day Deals at MAC Cosmetics

Okay folks, it's National Lipstick Day, and the deals are flowing in all over the world. Okay, let's be honest. The best ones are in America. I'm getting emails from my American accounts letting me know that I can get a free lipstick at MAC stores and retailers (including Bloomingdales, Macy's, Nordstrom's) and select ULTA'sContinue reading “US vs UK: National Lipstick Day Deals at MAC Cosmetics”

Can’t A Girl Have Pockets? {Rant}

Dear Fashion Industry The other day, I went to watch Wonder Woman with the hubby (and ZOMG was it amazing). First date in more than three months, might I add. I didn’t bring my purse, and tried to put my phone in my pocket only to realise that I didn’t have any pockets in myContinue reading “Can’t A Girl Have Pockets? {Rant}”

Sagun for Savya’s Second Birthday!

This year, Savya turned 2, and I couldn’t have been happier than to see him growing into his own person. Growing or sprouting? I mean, kid is already 97cm… He wears age 3-4 clothing because he’s so tall. His baby chubbiness is gone, but I still see little traces of his sweet baby giggles behindContinue reading “Sagun for Savya’s Second Birthday!”

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