Strawberry Toast {Recipe}

Strawberry toast is literally the easiest thing you can make that is filling yet extremely flavourful. A handful of ingredients will do the trick to make this yummy toast! You can simply eat it for breakfast, or add another slice of toasted bread with cream cheese to turn it into a sandwich for a summerContinue reading “Strawberry Toast {Recipe}”

The Great Cake Mishap of April 2017

Savya turned 2, which means we wanted to eat chiffon cake. This year, I made sure to make one for him with lots of love. Asian Bakery Chiffon Cake was officially on the menu. I bought yummy mandarin oranges, pineapples, blueberries, and strawberries, sugar animal decorations, chocolate stars, and whipped up some fresh cream for icing.Continue reading “The Great Cake Mishap of April 2017”

Big Batch Banana Bread Recipe {with Walnuts}

Growing up, my Mother always made large batches of delicious banana bread to give to others. Food is a way of saying she cares, and whenever she makes banana bread, she always shares with those who she cared about. I ended up having a lot of large, overripened bananas during the holiday season, so I remembered myContinue reading “Big Batch Banana Bread Recipe {with Walnuts}”

It’s Pancake Day! {American Style Pancake Recipe}

Okay, so pancake day almost ALWAYS creeps up on me, but I can still whip up a batch in no time thanks to a trusty homemade recipe I found years ago online. In the US, I used to always grab Bisquick and just make the batter, but I now prefer to whip it up atContinue reading “It’s Pancake Day! {American Style Pancake Recipe}”

Chinese Bakery Chiffon Cake {Recipe}

For Hubby’s birthday, I figured I’d try my hand at making the infamous fluffy Asian cake! Our usual cake lady was out of town, so I figured it was time to take the plunge and see if I could make a good fluffy cake at home. I was really nervous at first because it’s beenContinue reading “Chinese Bakery Chiffon Cake {Recipe}”

Tasty Tuesday: Let Them Eat (Lemon Yogurt) Cake!🍋

If you like cakes, the tart of lemon balanced by the sweetness of sugar, and moist texture that will make everyone gobble up this goodness, then make this. Enjoy your cake without a side of beheading or hint of a French Revolution. I wouldn’t mind the dresses and wigs though, TBH. Marie Antoinette was forContinue reading “Tasty Tuesday: Let Them Eat (Lemon Yogurt) Cake!🍋”

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