Quick Buttery Pasta {Recipe}

Today was a day where I didn’t want to cook, but had no choice. Therefore I wanted to make a tasty meal requiring the least amount of effort. I opted to purchase a few pre-made goodies, which helped dinner for 5 come along within 30 minutes. DINNER: 1 large roast chicken 2 garlic bread baguettes CreamContinue reading “Quick Buttery Pasta {Recipe}”

Vegetarian Creamy Pasta (Vivera Veggie Mince)

Here is my lovely creamy bow tie (farfalle) pasta! Doesn’t it look delicious? Well here’s the kicker – it’s completely meat free. But doesn’t it look so much like a non-veg dish? I’ve been eating a lot more vegetarian food lately and found myself stepping away from meat. That’s when I found some meat substitutionsContinue reading “Vegetarian Creamy Pasta (Vivera Veggie Mince)”

Butternut Squash and Chorizo Carbonara {Recipe}

The other day I found this recipe on Tesco’s website and it was surprisingly good. So much that little one even ate some the next day. I’d say that was a win! I’ve copied in the details if you want to try this out, or go here for the original recipe. BUTTERNUT SQUASH & CHORIZOContinue reading “Butternut Squash and Chorizo Carbonara {Recipe}”

Organic Dutch Oven Baked Bread {Recipe}

I’ve been really excited about my latest baking expedition, which is of baking bread in a Dutch Oven, or a cast iron pot. A Dutch Oven is a covered earthenware or cast-iron container for cooking casseroles. I have two of these and I had no idea how easy baking bread could be until I triedContinue reading “Organic Dutch Oven Baked Bread {Recipe}”

Autumn Comfort Food: Lamb Stew {Toddler Approved}

LATELY, I’ve been trying to not only find easy to create recipes that are hearty and full of flavour. I not only have to find recipes for the boys, but also recipes that aren’t going to be so calorie intensive. I wanted something hearty but easy to make, so found this Rustic Lamb Stew recipeContinue reading “Autumn Comfort Food: Lamb Stew {Toddler Approved}”

Tomato & Mascarpone Pasta Sauce {Toddler Approved!}

If you follow me on IG (@LifeWithTisha), you know that I bought some Annabel Karmel read-meals for the freezer. It comes in handy on days where I’m not hungry but I know little man is, or when I’m just too exhausted to cook, but I don’t want Savya to eat junk. I picked Annabel KarmelContinue reading “Tomato & Mascarpone Pasta Sauce {Toddler Approved!}”

Delicious Greek Yoghurt Spinach Dip! {Recipe}

If you’re an American, you know spinach dip is a party classic. It’s easy to make, available ready-made for purchase at almost any grocery store, and it’s always the first to disappear off the table! We Californian’s generally like to serve it in a sourdough bread bowl with more bread on the side for dipping,Continue reading “Delicious Greek Yoghurt Spinach Dip! {Recipe}”

Porcini Mushroom and Cavolo Nero Linguini {Recipe}

This bowl of deliciousness is actually a pasta I randomly made out of necessity for lunch one day. It was the day before we went for our weekly shop, and the fridge was looking sparce. I was out of most things except for a bit of cavolo nero (black kale) and leftover raw red bellContinue reading “Porcini Mushroom and Cavolo Nero Linguini {Recipe}”

Butternut Squash Lasagna {Recipe}

Okay folks, ask and you shall receive. I’ve now pretty much perfected this dish to my own preferences, but obviously, you can do whatever you want with it. While I use spinach, you can always sub for kale. I wouldn’t sub the butternut squash though – there’s really nothing like it.  If you’re in England,Continue reading “Butternut Squash Lasagna {Recipe}”

Basic Béchamel Sauce (white sauce)

Béchamel is considered the mother of all sauces. She is where it all starts. If you want to make a creamy soup? Start with a béchamel. You want a gravy? Béchamel. You want a creamy pasta sauce? BÉCHAMEL! (You get the idea.) It all starts with the roux, a mixture of equal parts fat andContinue reading “Basic Béchamel Sauce (white sauce)”

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