Emergency Tomato Achaar! (Nepali Spicy Tomato Sauce)

Tomato Achaar is a spicy tomato sauce that adds “swaad” to each dish. “Swaad,” I suppose, is equivalent to “umami” or adding serious flavour to a dish. We add it to many things, but I personally think it tastes best with Momo’s, otherwise known as Nepali steamed gyoza (either Turkey or Vegetarian). The other dayContinue reading “Emergency Tomato Achaar! (Nepali Spicy Tomato Sauce)”

Tisha’s Peanut Sauce Recipe

Love eating peanut sauce at Thai and Vietnamese restaurants and want to make your own at home? Here’s my version of this delicious sauce. Tisha’s Peanut Sauce: Prep time: 5 minutes 3/4 cup peanut butter (crunchy or creamy) 1/3 cup water 3 tablespoons hoisin sauce 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lime juice (from about 1 1/2Continue reading “Tisha’s Peanut Sauce Recipe”

Korean BBQ Chicken (Dak Bulgogi)

Thanks to Hyosun of Korean Bapsaang, my family now has a new favourite dish! Korean BBQ is always delicious. It’s grilled, full of flavour, and healthy. It’s like chicken teriyaki, but better. As I’ve been trying to phase out most red meats without giving up  rich flavours, this dish really hit the spot for bothContinue reading “Korean BBQ Chicken (Dak Bulgogi)”

Wild Mushroom & Okra Stir-Fry {Recipe}

So my Mother-In-Law and I were combing through our fridge one night while looking for veggies to combine in a dish for our dinner. We ended up making this delicious dish with okra and wild mushrooms. I definitely did NOT expect it to taste this good, but wow, did this simple dish really make ourContinue reading “Wild Mushroom & Okra Stir-Fry {Recipe}”

Rainbow Rice Recipe {Toddler Approved}

We as parents know the struggle of feeding a small child. I mean let’s be honest, sometimes it’s a struggle to feed ourselves when it’s getting toward the end of the day and you just don’t have the energy, but you don’t want to order in again. There are days I don’t want to cook,Continue reading “Rainbow Rice Recipe {Toddler Approved}”

Mung Bean Jelly Banchan!

So you guys know I love Korean food. My fav restaurant in my hometown of Fremont, California is a little place called Mom’s Tofu. They have amazing food there that makes you feel happy, full, and unlike eating out at most restaurants, it doesn’t make you regret it the day after. Fresh, flavourful, and tastyContinue reading “Mung Bean Jelly Banchan!”

Soy-Braised Lotus Root (Yeon-geun-jorim 연근조림)

Lotus root has a beautiful texture, almost in between a potato and a radish. This dish was so good that even my toddler nibbled on it! Original recipe by Maangchi. Soy-Braised Lotus Root (Yeon-geun-jorim 연근조림) Prep time: 5 minutes Total cook time: 1 hour and 20 minutes INGREDIENTS: 1 pound skinned and trimmed lotus rootsContinue reading “Soy-Braised Lotus Root (Yeon-geun-jorim 연근조림)”

Dorama + Rabbokki! A 10-Minute Ramyun + Ttokkbokki Recipe

I love ttokkbokki, and to be honest, fell in love with it after discovering Korean dramas and how amazing they are. Korean dramas love to show great food scenes and every drama has at least one scene where the main characters go to eat spicy rice cakes. Characters always described ttokkkbokki as chewy, sweet, spicy,Continue reading “Dorama + Rabbokki! A 10-Minute Ramyun + Ttokkbokki Recipe”

Korean spicy barbecue pork belly lettuce wraps + spicy dipping sauce {Dwaejibulgogi +Ssamjang}

So one of my favourite foods is dwaejibulgogi, korean spicy pork belly bqq! It’s deliciously chewy, sweet and spicy. When eaten with lettuce wraps, you get a crisp, clean bite that compliments the many flavours of the meat and spicy dipping sauce. This recipe is super easy to make. Although the original recipe calls forContinue reading “Korean spicy barbecue pork belly lettuce wraps + spicy dipping sauce {Dwaejibulgogi +Ssamjang}”

Pajeon – Savoury Korean Green Onion Pancakes {Recipe}

I love green onion and I love savoury pancakes, especially Korean ones. My mom and I would always get the readymade ones from Trader Joes because they were so delicious. Little did I know how ridiculously easy it is to make your own. Much more tasty as well!  Green onion is also known as springContinue reading “Pajeon – Savoury Korean Green Onion Pancakes {Recipe}”

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