Laneige Water Bank Mineral Skin Mist {Review}

Skin Mists – what are they and what is the deal with them? Korean Dramas and Hallyu stars are always spritzing their skin non-stop to keep it hydrated and glowing. But why, and is it really important? The point is to keep the skin refreshed by keeping it from drying out. The quicker your skinContinue reading “Laneige Water Bank Mineral Skin Mist {Review}”

Etude House Sunprise Sunscreen SPF 50+ {Review}

I sweat. I sweat a lot. It's why makeup in the summer has almost always been a no-go for me. It's also why I don't look forward to summer. Sweating profusely on your face isn't cute. Growing up in California, I can vividly remember giving up on wearing makeup during the hot days of summer.Continue reading “Etude House Sunprise Sunscreen SPF 50+ {Review}”

INNISFREE – It’s Real Squeeze Mask {Aloe}

My mostly dry combination skin is going crazy at the moment. It’s become oily and there is redness and breakouts galore. I blame it on my fluctuating hormones. UGH. I needed to balance my skin, but clay masks just aren’t doing enough at the moment. Although I probably shouldn’t have, I decided to take aContinue reading “INNISFREE – It’s Real Squeeze Mask {Aloe}”

INNISFREE – It’s Real Squeeze Mask {Rose}

I’m really enjoying this line of INNISFREE masks. I really loved this one in particular! Used it last night as I noticed a lot of redness on my cheeks and even some pimples. Fully removed my makeup and toned my face before putting this mask on. My face was a lot less red and irritatedContinue reading “INNISFREE – It’s Real Squeeze Mask {Rose}”

Elizavecca Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask {Review}

Okay so we’ve seen the videos out there with the black peel-off masks. First it started with charcoal, because it’s purifying and easy to obtain. Then we got obsessed with the peel off masks. Then the “peel off masks gone wrong” videos started to go viral. All fine and dandy, but what actually works andContinue reading “Elizavecca Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask {Review}”

Bioré Charcoal Pore Strips {Product Review}

I think I was in middle school when they Bioré pore strips first came out? Somewhere around early 2000. All I remember is that were they deemed as revolutionary. Of course, they never worked for me because they hurt so bad when I removing hat I would resort to softening them with water to takeContinue reading “Bioré Charcoal Pore Strips {Product Review}”

Coffee Grounds: D.I.Y Face + Body Scrub

I’ve been really into trying to find a good scrub for my face, and I really love DIY’s. I mean, who doesn’t? You can use natural ingredients and customise the product to truly fit what you require. Nobody knows your own skin like you do, so why not try it? I started saving the coffeeContinue reading “Coffee Grounds: D.I.Y Face + Body Scrub”

Beauty Confessions: The Time I Decided To Wax My Face {Aloe Vera}

I’ve never been particularly hairy, which I can thank my Nepalese genes for. Most Nepalese don’t have very much hair at all, and I never had to do much hair removal. When I did, it was not more than once every two weeks for my upper lip and eyebrows. As for shaving my legs, IContinue reading “Beauty Confessions: The Time I Decided To Wax My Face {Aloe Vera}”

Natural Exfoliation – A Water Responsible Option? {Konjac Sponge}

As of recent years, the knowledge has increased behind microbeads and how bad they are for the environment. Microbeads are found in every major exfoliation product used out there. Bliss? Yep. Neutrogena? You betcha.  It’s very difficult to filter out those tiny beads when during drinking water treatment. This means that it goes back intoContinue reading “Natural Exfoliation – A Water Responsible Option? {Konjac Sponge}”

My Personal Skincare Routine {Products}

This week’s beauty post is regarding my personal skincare routine which I want to share with you. I really have noticed a huge difference in my skin quality after using these products, so I have to share my discoveries!  The following products discussed are actual items I use everyday that work for me. I haveContinue reading “My Personal Skincare Routine {Products}”

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