In Your 30’s? Here’s A Foundation Review For You.

After the birth of my son and turning 30, and I started to wear more foundation than I had previously, as a younger, single woman, with peaceful nights filled with sleep. When I started wearing eyeglasses in late 2017, I noticed how much foundation would transfer to them. I found it insanely gross and annoyingContinue reading “In Your 30’s? Here’s A Foundation Review For You.”

NYX Cosmic Metals Shadow Pallette: Review + Swatches

Okay, Autumn is here, and I am LIVING for the NYX Comic Metals line. Specifically, their Cosmic Metals Shadow Palette. The eyeshadow colours are lovely, the product itself is a powder but feels almost creamy. It’s easy to blend, and I frequently use it in conjunction with the NYX Lingerie palette. To be honest, I’veContinue reading “NYX Cosmic Metals Shadow Pallette: Review + Swatches”

US vs UK: National Lipstick Day Deals at MAC Cosmetics

Okay folks, it's National Lipstick Day, and the deals are flowing in all over the world. Okay, let's be honest. The best ones are in America. I'm getting emails from my American accounts letting me know that I can get a free lipstick at MAC stores and retailers (including Bloomingdales, Macy's, Nordstrom's) and select ULTA'sContinue reading “US vs UK: National Lipstick Day Deals at MAC Cosmetics”

Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Colour {Review}

The Story: The other day we went to London to get little man’s US passport in order (yay, dual citizenship!) and after finishing business and an early lunch, decided to have a nice stroll in the area. We walked into Selfridges and of course, I went into makeup shopping mode with full support from theContinue reading “Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Colour {Review}”

A Cult Beauty Favourite: Laura Mercier’s Transluscent Setting Powder 

So there are a lot of beauty products saturating the market right now. While some products may be fashionably trendy at the moment, they die out in no time because the hype doesn’t live up to the function or quality of the product. That’s what sets apart trendy beauty product from the cult beauty favourites.Continue reading “A Cult Beauty Favourite: Laura Mercier’s Transluscent Setting Powder “

Fresh Faced Friday: Boots {Mini} Beauty Haul!

So I went into boots for hair mousse and ended up coming out with anything but. I mean I had a good reason! I wanted a Bumble and Bumble product, but it wasn’t available. Tell me WHY only select Boots in England have them? Good luck if you’re in North Essex. *holds forehead* Anyway, thisContinue reading “Fresh Faced Friday: Boots {Mini} Beauty Haul!”

Fresh Faced Friday: MOTD! {Dark Lippie Love}

DARK LIPPIE MOTD! I loooooove a good dark lip. Honestly, what woman doesn’t? I love how the lip liner ended up being a perfect match too. I decided to play with my Master Palette by Mario colours and then just blend the EF out whatever I chose. It kind of ended up working. I actuallyContinue reading “Fresh Faced Friday: MOTD! {Dark Lippie Love}”

Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette by Mario {Review}

Pigmented. Such great colours. So in love! Some of you maybe asking “who is Mario and why does he have a palette?”  First here’s some history. ABH (Anastasia Beverly Hills) is one of the most well known makeup brands. Owner and namesake Anastasia, is famous for creating the red carpet ‘brows of Hollywood’s finest. TheContinue reading “Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette by Mario {Review}”

Fresh Faced Friday: Product Review for No7’s Precision Lips Pencil (Nude)

So the other day I stumble into Boots whilst searching for something or the other I needed (read: wanted). Unable to find it, I wander over to the No7 counter and peruse the goods on display. I decide to go home with a lip liner. A light, pinky nude colour is exactly what I feelContinue reading “Fresh Faced Friday: Product Review for No7’s Precision Lips Pencil (Nude)”

Fresh Faced Friday: Wake and Bake (nah, not that kind)

“Baking” is a term originally coined by the drag community to explain the act setting powder on your face and leaving it there so that your body temperature can melt it into your concealer and skin. After about 5-10 minutes, dust off the excess to find that your makeup has an absolutely flawless and creaselessContinue reading “Fresh Faced Friday: Wake and Bake (nah, not that kind)”

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