Review: Sleepyhead of Sweden Baby Pod

MY STORY: Hands down, Sleepyhead of Sweden was the best purchase we ever made for our little one. In other countries it goes by different names (E.G. Dock-A-Tot in the USA), but it’s recognised by its trademark cocoon shape, Swedish design, and ability to lull even the fussiest babies into a lovely cuddle-induced sleep. ItContinue reading “Review: Sleepyhead of Sweden Baby Pod”

Review: My First Thomas & Friends Railway Pals Destination Discovery Playset

We all want to get our kids toys. It’s only after spending an inordinate amount of money on plastic crap that realise we have bought ourselves a reason to continually clean up MORE THINGS. On that note, we should delve right into this review. We were at Toys R Us to find a train setContinue reading “Review: My First Thomas & Friends Railway Pals Destination Discovery Playset”

Baby Monitor Mishaps: What to do when your Motorola MBP36S craps out.

As you guys know, Suraj and I are list people. We like to make lists, research, and then purchase items. We love our Google docs and it makes our lives easier. When getting ready for Savya’s arrival, Suraj did some research and talked to friends about what baby monitors worked for them. One friend recommended the […]

Tutti Bambini’s Barcelona Nursery Furniture: Transitioning from Cot-Bed to Cot!

So kiddo has been climbing in and out of his cotbed, and it’s been causing him a bit of bruising (obviously), so as it was a hazard, we decided to take the sides down. From the photos, the transition seems pretty easy, but in actuality, it took us about an hour to figure it out (granted, weContinue reading “Tutti Bambini’s Barcelona Nursery Furniture: Transitioning from Cot-Bed to Cot!”

IKEA MÅLA: Arts & Crafts for Kids

The IKEA MÅLA line is all of their arts and crafts items. They also have a huge line of toys, play items like kitchen sets, and more. If you aren’t familiar with it, the items are surprisingly well made and very affordable. After Savya expressed great interest in the chalkboard and chalk during our lastContinue reading “IKEA MÅLA: Arts & Crafts for Kids”

Product Review: Nūby’s SureGrip Miracle Mat & Plate

Babies and Toddlers instinctively enjoy fine tuning their own motor skills by learning to eat and drink by themselves. When that happens, it’s great! It means that they are learning and growing. But it also commences a search for bowls and plates they can’t flip. There’s enough cleaning required without adding your kid’s meals onContinue reading “Product Review: Nūby’s SureGrip Miracle Mat & Plate”

Nuna Leaf, A Rocker That Grows With Your Child {Product Review}

When searching for a rocker, we searched a few brands. Ultimately, this product is what lead us to invest in all the other NUNA brand products we have purchased (pushchair, car seats). Here’s what it’s all about: NUNA Leaf (with toy bar): What I liked: Birth to 40kgs. This was the main factor for choosingContinue reading “Nuna Leaf, A Rocker That Grows With Your Child {Product Review}”

Nuna Pippa Infant Carseat {Product Review}

To follow up with my previous post on the Nuna IVVI chassis, here are details on the PIPPA, NUNA’s first year car seat: Pippa Newborn-to-Infant Car Seat: What I liked: This car seat came with a lot of padding which was perfect for the little guy when he arrived. We literally had to do noContinue reading “Nuna Pippa Infant Carseat {Product Review}”

Product Review: NUNA’s IVVI Pushchair

My dear expectant and established mothers, fathers, parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends… let me tell you a true story.  I once met a lady who told me she had 7 strollers, prams, and pushchairs packed inside a two-story flat with her partner and 5 children. I know it sounds like the beginnings of, “I met an oldContinue reading “Product Review: NUNA’s IVVI Pushchair”

Tutti Bambini 7 Piece Barcelona Nursery Set {Review}

We bought everything from Tutti Bambini via The Baby Show. Doing so gave us a great deal, not to mention we had it delivered and setup for only £60 extra. Such a stress reliever considering I was hardcore nesting and Suraj was busy working his bum off on his latest project. Here are photos ofContinue reading “Tutti Bambini 7 Piece Barcelona Nursery Set {Review}”

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