Call me Pooh bear because I need Christophe Robin! (shampoo review)

You guys need to try using Christophe Hydrating Shampoo with Aloe Vera. NEED. It’s frighteningly amazing, and my life is changed. I got a sample from my last purchase at LookFantastic (not an ad!) and one sample lasted me about 4 washes. It’s insane how little shampoo it takes and how it cleans so well yet manages to not strip my hair and scalp of the protective oils I need.

I have really sensitive skin and thin, frizzy, brittle, wavy hair. It’s gotten worse as I’ve been diagnosed with hypothyroidism (hair loss is one side effect). With other shampoos, my scalp feels dry and itchy after washing and it gets greasy after a day (and I’ve been using Aveda, Alterna Caviar, and Pureology!) I also use a water filter in my shower, so I know it’s not the effects of hard water on my skin. It’s literally that these high end salon brand shampoos do not mesh well with me.

Depressing much, because Alterna is a hefty £30 per item.

But ya…. I was seriously left shooketh when I finally opened this sample packet. Legit did not expect this to be this good. Now, this is a high end brand so it’s gonna be a bit expensive. It’s like £25 for shampoo and £30 for a leave in spray but I think that it’s seriously so worth it. My hair feels soft and healthy, it stays clean for 2 days without needing to put dry shampoo immediately, and it makes my hypothyroid dry, thin, brittle hair actual have some body and curl. Im always so stressed about my hair, so I’m very happy with it as it’s making me feel like I have a full head of hair and therefore giving me less to worry about.

The bottle does say it’s good for all hair types, but I can only speak for persons with thin, wavy and brittle hair with an oily scalp. I will have my little sis eventually try it (she has thick curly hair) and we’ll see if she has the same thoughts!

If you do want to purchase this, you can find it on LookFantastic, Sephora, and other websites including the Christophe Robin website.