In Your 30’s? Here’s A Foundation Review For You.

After the birth of my son and turning 30, and I started to wear more foundation than I had previously, as a younger, single woman, with peaceful nights filled with sleep. When I started wearing eyeglasses in late 2017, I noticed how much foundation would transfer to them. I found it insanely gross and annoying to see how much product moved from my face, regardless of how much primer or setting spray I used. Aggravating to see, especially after beating a face. Overall, here is a review of 5 foundations which have the right undertones for pigmented skin, in order of least to most transfer-proof.


Product: This is a liquid foundation with SPF 15 with the objective to provide the wearer with a natural finish lasting 16 hours. The foundations are created with yellow undertones. This particular product line has only 18 shades available. My shade is 4.5, Warm Natural. This, however, is still a bit off from my skin tone.

Review: Aghast. What is going on with this formula? It isn’t very long-wear and on average probably lasts 4 hours before it starts to break down on my face. This product also transfers like crazy. Don’t take a nap with a full face on because it will transfer to your shirt, your clothes, your pillow, your everything. This was my holy grail product in my 20’s, but now this product is a hard pass for me.


Product: An affordable drug store long wear foundation, giving you 24 hours of budge-proof foundation. Available in Combination/Oily and Normal/Dry skin types. My colour is probably Golden Caramel.

Review: Pretty good for the price. I took this on holiday, and throughout the sun and sweat, it did not budge! I’m really impressed they made it for both skin types. My only qualm would be that I looked slightly ashy (true beige), but it’s quite possible that I simply picked the wrong foundation colour because I am unable to swatch most drugstore foundations. I did notice that it felt heavier than most foundations, which wasn’t fun in hot weather. It also transfers a lot, so I had to be really careful when changing clothes, especially if I was wearing white. Overall, I wasn’t crazy about this product, but it’s amazing considering the price. Just maybe try and find a foundation matcher online (e.g. before purchasing.


Product: One of the most popular foundations out on the market, NARS serves a clean finish with 33 shades to pick from. This long wear product boasts 16 hours of staying power. My shade is Barcelona.

Review: This is a great product. The colour and radiance it gives your skin is lovely, but it transfers like crazy. The product needs to be vigorously shaken before use, so if you forget, be prepared for it to oxidize on your face, creating a dry and patchy look. Overall, this product had one of the worst transfers, but with adequate prep and prime, it does last at least 8 hours before it starts to break down. Unfortunately, it’s not very sweatproof. I like the product, but it’s not something I would reach for if I wore glasses on a regular basis.


Product: This product boasts it’s ability to last throughout sweat, humidity, water and transfer for 15 hours. Unfortunately, they only have 20 shades and don’t have more than 1 deep shade, so I find myself disappointed in that fact. My shade is Butterscotch.

Review: HOLY COW! This foundation is full coverage and is virtually weightless. While it isn’t transfer-proof, it is very good at sticking to your skin and staying there. I wore this product with a full face of make-up and eyeglasses, but it hardly transferred to my frames. Closer to a perfect score, I’d say that this is a win for sure.


Product: 40 shades from pale to deep, long-wear foundation that lasts for 24 hours. Lightweight, even customizable to your specific skin colour and type at select locations. My shade is 050 Beige Ambre.

Review: Girl let me TELL YOU how sprung I am that this product does not budge! It is truly a thing of beauty. I had to really rub my forehead to test how easily it came off, and it barely did. Hardly anything transferred to my glasses, and I got away with wearing minimal foundation, thanks to how full coverage the product is. It blends really nicely as well, which was so nice to experience. It’ô definitely my current favourite.

FYI: The product has silicone in it, which helps it stick to your face longer. Silicone does not make you break out, but because silicone can cause your pores to get clogged if left on, you need to make sure to fully cleanse your skin to remove all traces to avoid breakouts. I highly suggest double cleansing and a 5-step skincare routine if you’re in your 30s. It takes me 5 minutes to get through mine in the evenings, so don’t skip it!

Concluding thoughts:

The only one missing from  this list that I REALLY want to try but haven’t been able to (because there’s no store out in Colchester) is the Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation, especially with its sensational blurring capabilities. Please help blur the shit out of my skin Giorgio Armani, it’s breaking out, thanks to my glasses.

Also: TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN! We’re over 30, we need to take care of our skin with more care than before. It’s easier to prevent wrinkle than to try and fix them after they’ve appeared. Taking  5-10 minutes of care at the end of your day will pay off in the long run. Also, try Lancôme’s Hydra Zen line. SO GOOD.

Okay, back to the post grad life. Let me know if you liked this review and if you want more like this, or other reviews.


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33 - wife, mum, & post-grad student. I love beauty products, cooking and eating, and blogging (duh).

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