How to Create a Colourful Veggie Platter {Recipe}

I created this fun platter for a family gathering. What’s the best way to do start making your own? Pick a platter, count how many areas there are for placing food items, and pick out some colourful, yummy goodies that everybody likes.

In this case, I picked out tortilla chips, beetroot, baby plum tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, celery. You can choose anything you prefer, and even swap one out for crunchy bell pepper.

I chose to use hummus as a dip, but you can use ranch dressing, spinach dip, tuna salad, boursin, or anything else you may prefer.

As I had a lot to prepare that day, I chose to buy pre-cooked beetroots and pre-sliced veggies. Simply wash, dry, and arrange in your favourite serving plate before presenting to your guests.


It’s a wonderful way to present a colourful array of snacking foods and is a healthy too.

Happy snacking!