The One Who Cooks, The One Who Cleans

In every relationship, there’s the one that cooks, and the one that cleans. In my relationship, I am the one that cooks, and Suraj is the one that cleans. He is always the first one to get up and do dishes after dinner. I tell you – there is nothing more appreciated than a partner who pulls his own weight in household duties. He’s not perfect (he still almost never cleans the bathroom) but I am so glad he’s my other half.

Now here’s a fun story from a few weeks ago – being a postgrad student, I have been incredibly overwhelmed with schoolwork and balancing home-life, so my husband has been very forthcoming in trying to do anything to make things easier for me. He offered to pitch in for dinner (despite having no idea how to), so I asked him to cook the salmon fillets at home. Now dude can usually only cook only 2 things; eggs and instant ramyun (Nongshim brand, of course). He has most recently learned how to properly cook rice and bake salmon with lemon and salt, so he expressed that was moderately comfortable with the menu.When I returned home after a long day of Uni with the little one, I was happy to see the salmon fillets done.

Except Suraj had baked the fish WITH THE SCALES IN TACT. HAHAHAHA!

Oh man. I could not stop laughing, and he was sooooooo confused. I explained to him that he either needs to remove the skin (as he usually prefers) or he needs to remove the scales by using the sharp side of a knife. How long has he been eating like this when I wasn’t around?!

Bless him, he tried. At least they were seasoned well? Kiddo ended up not liking it (perhaps the lemon?), so I ended up having to serve him chicken fingers and chips. Ya win some, ya lose some. Kiddo just seems to prefer the sweet and spicy rub that I use.

PRO TIP: Use Old El Paso’s bbq fajita or garlic and paprika taco seasonings for a quick salmon rub. So good and so fast, and everyone loves the smoky, subtle sweetness of the flavourings, which meld well with the natural fattiness of the fish.

That’s story time for today! Anyone have fun stories to share about their cooking mishaps? Let me know in the comments below.