Review: Sleepyhead of Sweden Baby Pod


Hands down, Sleepyhead of Sweden was the best purchase we ever made for our little one. In other countries it goes by different names (E.G. Dock-A-Tot in the USA), but it’s recognised by its trademark cocoon shape, Swedish design, and ability to lull even the fussiest babies into a lovely cuddle-induced sleep. It was an amazing addition to our lives. We had a newborn with serious reflux, I had a crazy section that took over 2 months to recover from, and neither my husband or I were sleeping. We got this when little guy was about 2 months old and it changed our lives.

We first only used ours for nap times and tummy time because it wouldn’t fit inside the Halo Bassinest that we had. When we switched him over to his Tutti Bambini cotbed, we used it every night and every day. It was taken with us for visits, weekend trips, and even on international flights. He was absolutely comforted by it and I am thankful it allowed us to get a good amount of rest.


  1. This is a well-thought out, well constructed item.
  2. So much variety in terms of covers and colours.
    • You can purchase other covers in a variety of sizes and patterns either online or at John Lewis.
  3. You are offered two different sizes which are both for long-term usage.
    • The first is called the Deluxe+ which is good from 0-8 months.
    • The second is called Grand, which transitions from 8-36 months.
  4. Both sizes will easily fit inside your standard cot bed.
  5. Your purchase comes with a standard “pristine white” cover.
  6. Machine washable (yep, even the inside pad).
  7. 100% cotton (hypoallergenic).
  8. Allows you to sleep more than a few hours between feedings.

TIPS: The first time around, I only had the one cover, which meant the cover had to be washed and dried before my son was able to go back in it. Can you imagine only having one set of bed sheets? It was a lot like that. The second time around, I made sure to purchase a second cover. Maintenance-wise, made things A LOT easier.


  1. These can be pricey.
    • The Deluxe starts at £120, and the Grand starts at £180.
    • If you wish to purchase a Sleepyhead with a patterned cover, it costs extra.
    • A cover by itself will cost £58 or 70, dependent upon the size.
  2. Prolonged use of the Sleepyhead will cause the fibres to break down, so you must regularly fluff and air it out.
  3. It can be really annoying to re-stuff the circular part back inside.
  4. They tell you not to bleach the white cover (ignore them).

FYI: It can really annoying to re-stuff this fluff inside the cover, but once you understand the method, it’s easy enough. There are lots of tutorials on the main website and all over Youtube if you need detailed help.

Overall, I’ve rated 8 pros and 4 cons, and if I’m being honest, the bleaching one doesn’t even really count. The pros or this product for sure outweigh the cons by a landslide.

My son slept so well in his Sleepyhead but we had to retire his Grand (2nd stage) around the time he was 2 because he outgrew it due of how tall he is. If you aren’t familiar with my son, let it be known that I have an almost 3 foot tall 2 1/2 year old that wears size 4 in clothing. We didn’t quite get a chance to use it until 36 months of age, but considering he’s well past that size in clothing and that he slept like a dream throughout the time he used this product, I’d say Sleepyhead of Sweden was a HUGE win for us.

If this is possible to squeeze into your budget, I highly recommend this to any expectant mother, as it made my life a lot easier.

I hope this review helps anyone who is looking for new items for their future little ones.


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33 - wife, mum, & post-grad student. I love beauty products, cooking and eating, and blogging (duh).

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