LIFE MUSINGS: 31 & a Mum!

Okay you guys, I’m officially 31.

This is crazy. I swear I’m still 25, just financially stable and not as crazy, haha. Is this how it feels to get older? Having a young and lovely mind, but having your body and responsibilities change? Some of it is great, but some of it is depressing. Now I kind of understand why the elderly get so angry and depressed, and I’m not even halfway there yet. I also found out I needed glasses because I have astigmatism in one eye. What! So I ordered glasses. Well, I ordered 2, because but 1 get one 1. Holla at TESCO!

I didn’t eat cake today, but that’s okay. It’s mostly because we didn’t order one as I usually make all the birthday cakes. I was planning to make a cake, but we just didn’t have time for it. We ended up spending the day out on both Saturday and Sunday, both checking out cars and getting some new items for the little man. We bought him a new V-tech car garage set (which he absolutely adores) a writing desk and table from IKEA, some play kitchen pots and pans + a chefs apron and hat, and 2 new pairs of shoes. Some people say “spoil yourself!” but I feel fortunate enough already. Providing him with necessities makes me feel a lot more at ease than buying whatever for myself. I’m an adult and I can do without. He is a growing kiddo, and he takes priority, and I’m okay with that.

I swear we go through shoes and clothes for Savya like it’s nobody’s business! Haha. He’s already a size 9 wide in boys and he’s only 2.5 years old.

As the Essex lads say: that’s mental! I’m always concerned about his feet though. Clarke’s may be on the more expensive side at ~£40 a pair, but it’s worth it to know they fit properly.

Want to see the effects of wearing poor fitting shoes? Just google Shaq’s feet. NOPE. None of the toe fangs up in this home honey! NOPE!

Anyway, I got to spend time with Savya and Suraj this weekend and eat a yummy burrito, so I’m happy. I did have the pleasure of diffusing a witching hour tantrum at a store, but I didn’t feel that awkward because most of the parents there were dealing with the same thing.


My little monster is finally asleep, so I am off to finish up any more mommy duties before I take care of myself and preparing myself for my first day of my MSc Psychology course tomorrow. I’m so nervous and excited. I even get to pick up my new reading glasses before class. Like, WHO AM I. Should I pack myself a lunch? I don’t even know. EEEEEE I’m so excited!Wish me luck, you guys!