Laneige Water Bank Mineral Skin Mist {Review}

Skin Mists – what are they and what is the deal with them?

Korean Dramas and Hallyu stars are always spritzing their skin non-stop to keep it hydrated and glowing. But why, and is it really important? The point is to keep the skin refreshed by keeping it from drying out. The quicker your skin dries out, the more wrinkles are apparent. Moisturising your skin makes your skin plump up and your wrinkles less visible.

This is also why Hallyu stars mist when they feel their skin getting too dry. Moisturising means you can help your skin keep it’s youthful look. It also helps that mineral mists will aid in cooling you down during hot and humid days.

Laneige can be described as a premium Korean skin care brand with a moderate price point. I was looking for a highly recommended mist, so I tried their Water Bank Mineral Skin Mist from the Water Bank line.

Laneige describes the product as “a moisturizing mineral mist that instantly resets dry and fatigued skin.”

My skin was being ick. It was summer and the weather was both dry and icky. I knew I needed a skin mist to combat my skin issues, so I ordered a 30mL version to trial the product

How to use: Simply close your eyes and mouth and spritz onto your face. You don’t even need to pat it into your skin.

Verdict: I saw a difference in my skin quality within a few days. I considered it to be good purchase for refreshing my skin, so I used the 30mL size as a travel-item, and purchased another 60mL for my daily use.

Conclusion: I enjoyed using the product, and I used it a lot to cool down my face when it was too hot to function. Mineral mists are great to add hydration to your naked skin with a bit of sunscreen to protect it. This is great when paired with cushion foundation, or a tinted moisuriser. It can also be to set your makeup, allowing you to forego a powder setting. It’s also great to use first thing in the morning or before you sleep at night to prep and protect your skin from dryness that would cause it to lose radiance or age faster.

Hope this helps anyone looking for a good facial mist!