Flooding in Nepal: Fundraising for Terai

The 2015 Nepal earthquake was devastating, decimating many poor villages outside of the capital. Most of the money wired to the government still have not reached the smaller villages, and that which did was not enough to rebuild their homes. If it were not for the funds sent through the hands of non-profit organizations like Sahayeta Nepal, many of these people would have died awaiting help.

Sahayeta means “trust” in the Nepalese language, and it is a very fitting name as there is 100% trust and transparency with all money that is donated and dispersed. It is volunteer run non-profit run by working professionals, so no fees be taken to pay wages like many commercial nonprofit organisations. There’s still so much being done until this date by Sahayeta Nepal to help rebuild homes, schools, and lives, post-earthquake.

Here’s a little more about Sahayeta:

Now, the monsoon floods have completely wiped out homes in the Terai region of Nepal. At least 21,465 families in over 30 districts have been displaced while another 48,316 houses remain submerged.

People have lost everything.

Many don’t even have a toilet to use, let alone a roof to sleep under. With stagnant waters and no toilets available, the possibility of an outbreak of infectious disease is a high risk. The best way to prevent this is by building toilets.

Director of award-winning Nepali film Kalo Pothi, Min Bahadhur Bham, is spearheading the relief efforts in conjunction with Sahayeta Nepal. He has put his life on hold to aid those in the Terai region. He is currently using his personal funds to buy tarps, tents, and other things necessary. Many of these villages are not getting any help from the government and have been starving and sleeping under the sky since the floods. Min Bahadhur Bham’s efforts are the only relief efforts these people may ever see. You can keep up with updates of the relief efforts via Nisha Thapa’s Facebook page.

The effort is currently working on building 141 toilets, but so much more needs to be done. They are purchasing tents, tarps, mosquito nets, and food, but many other supplies are necessary, and funds are very low. If you can donate even $5, it would be so helpful.

If you are willing to host a film fundraiser in your home, Min Bahadhur Bham is willingly to mail you a copy of his film, free of charge. 100% of proceeds you donate go to those in need. It is completely volunteer led, so you know all the funds will go where they need – to those in need.

If you would like to donate, we have various ways to do so. The organisers chose not to use a popular social media fundraising account as there are so many charges incurred through that route. All funds will be completely transparent and donated via PayPal and wired directly to the point-person’s bank account for direct use in purchasing materials on-site.

If you are in America, you can directly donate via Paypal at nishathapa82@gmail.com to President of Sahayeta, Nisha Thapa who will wire Min Bahadhur Bham directly via Western Union in Nepal.

If you are in Nepal, I can get you in contact with my Mom, Usha Kachhapati, who is currently the point person collecting funds for this relief effort.

If you are in England, please contact me directly. All funds sent to me will be directly wired to Min Bahadhur Bham, the point-person on site.

If you are located anywhere else, just message me and we will find a way to get your donation to the right place.

If you cannot donate, please spread the word! Please feel free to comment if you want to ask me any questions about this cause or require more details on transparency.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.