US vs UK: National Lipstick Day Deals at MAC Cosmetics

Okay folks, it's National Lipstick Day, and the deals are flowing in all over the world. Okay, let's be honest. The best ones are in America. I'm getting emails from my American accounts letting me know that I can get a free lipstick at MAC stores and retailers (including Bloomingdales, Macy's, Nordstrom's) and select ULTA's with no strings attached, and it's a glorious thing. Of course, it's only until supplies run out, which means if you're in America, GO GO GO!

Not exactly the same in the UK, or any country outside the US for that matter. I asked the official MAC IG account and they informed us that we need to make a ‎£40 purchase to get our free lipstick. The shades available: Stone, Media, Captive, Cyber, M·A·C Red, and Fleshpot. None of which I am personally inclined toward, considering I own 3/6. But the Americans? They get a choice of the Colour Rocker CollectionColour Rocker Collection, which is extensive. While I heard that people were lining up before the shops opened, and how some were disdained that many MACs were just handing out random lipsticks. But come on people, you still got them for free! Sigh. Days like this, I miss America.

Free lipstick is always great when it's ‎£18/tube. But can I be honest? The ‎‎£40 tag along with a limited choice of lipsticks isn't very appealing. I bought Cyber and Media for under ‎£10 each at an outlet mall in Cambridge rather recently as well, and I already have M.A.C. Red, but rarely use it. Ruby Woo is hands down my favourite red, though!

FYI: if you're in the UK and this is something you want to get on, you can still do so by going into store or making a purchase online. Just grab ‎£40 worth of goodies and chose any of the afore mentioned lip colours. According to MAC UK's IG, it will automatically recognise it as the freebie.

Happy Lipstick Day, ladies!