Etude House Sunprise Sunscreen SPF 50+ {Review}

I sweat. I sweat a lot. It's why makeup in the summer has almost always been a no-go for me. It's also why I don't look forward to summer. Sweating profusely on your face isn't cute. Growing up in California, I can vividly remember giving up on wearing makeup during the hot days of summer. Most days, I'd just go without. Don't even get me started on the hair, sis. Summers were a mess, and me along with it.

As I've gotten older, my skin needs more TLC, and I'm more susceptible to UVA and UVB radiation. I don't want to induce more wrinkles! Even if it's hot, I don't want to forego at least wearing sunscreen. I may say goodbye to foundation, but sunscreen or a BB cream is a must. However, it's so hard to find a light sunscreen with good quality coverage. Although Garnier is pretty good for my son, I need a product that multitasks. Like a sunscreen that also works as a makeup primer!

I happened upon Etude House's Surprise Sunscreen (Mild Airy Finish) as a sample received with some other products I had purchased. Of course, living in England, I didn't open it until I needed a bit more sun protection during the hotter months of summer.


I was right away really impressed with the product and how light and airy the cream feels. It certainly lives up to its description. The sample was enough for one very generous use. I squeezed a bit onto the tips of my fingers and gently worked it into my skin, first into my T-zone, then followed up distributing the rest onto my face, ears, and neck.


I used this along with NARS CC cream in Cuzco which lasted all day. The CC cream is already spectacular for summer wear. But the fact that it didn't budge after spending an exceptionally hot day at the zoo while running after my son was a dream!


As most Korean products, this product goes above and beyond in terms of skin protection. This particular sunscreen is packed full of goodies to protect the skin. Dwarf ground sedge extract and Vitamin D is featured for extra skin protection. Acai berry and acerola help reinforce skin vitality, and aloe vera and linden flower aid in hydrating the skin. The finish is non-sticky and hydrates the skin after application.


Absolutely fantastic product that lives up to it's name and works not only as a sunscreen, but also as a primer. This 2-in-1 product is amazing, and while I love the Mild and Airy finish, Etude House's Surprise line of sunscreen comes in a variety of different finishes for every skin type. You can find them here.

For all the girls and boys who need a little something else, I truly hope this posts helps you.