Garnier Ambre Solaire Sunscreen {Product Review}

Today I’ll be reviewing Garnier Ambre Solaire KIDS sunscreen. I’ll discuss what the product claims to do, any observations made whilst using the product, information about sunscreen, guidelines to help you choose a good brand of sunscreen, and my final opinions on the product itself.


Garnier Amber Solaire KIDS is a sunscreen with SPF 50, 3 UVA stars, and claims to be a “wet skin lotion” that is super absorbent. As I needed a strong sunscreen that could handle water play, a quick application, and was hypoallergenic, I decided to try it out.


The product felt very light and moisturising. I felt it being immediately absorbed into my skin. The product didn’t budge for hours and it didn’t leave a nasty, sticky residue like other sunscreen products. I appreciated how this went on like a light cream, but could still feel the layer of protection on my skin.

“Wet skin lotion” refers to the ability for this product to be applied to wet or dry skin. It’s perfect for outdoor water play or for those whom profusely sweat in hot weather. I ended up topping him up with more as the afternoon play went on, and even though he was wet, the stuff absorbed instantly. Hours later, he had no reaction to it, and his skin was visibly healthy and without redness from being irritated by the sun. It washes off nicely with mild soap and water.


A UVA rating is a star rating system from 0-5. It is simply the ratio between UVA and UVB. UVA is long-term sun damage and aging (sunspots, wrinkles), while UVB is the immediate sun damage (sunburns). It’s very important for everyone to protect themselves against both.

It’s worth mentioning that it is entirely possible to find a good sunscreen with a lower SPF and a high UVA rating. The best option, however is to find a product with both a high UVA rating and high SPF.


I absolutely loved this product. Although the UVA rating isn’t as high as I would like it, this product really delivered. I’m absolutely thrilled to find a sunscreen that is perfect for water play. I also feel that should mention that neither of us had a reaction to it. Sunscreen usually it makes his eyes water like crazy, even the Aveeno kids sunscreen was awful.

I’ve tried many other sunscreens, but I am thoroughly impressed with this specific product. I would highly recommend this to anyone with kiddos or sensitive skin.