INNISFREE – It’s Real Squeeze Mask {Rose}

I’m really enjoying this line of INNISFREE masks. I really loved this one in particular! Used it last night as I noticed a lot of redness on my cheeks and even some pimples. Fully removed my makeup and toned my face before putting this mask on. My face was a lot less red and irritated afterward, and the coarser spots on my face were a lot more moisturised. In the morning when I woke, I noticed my skin was even more calm, with noticeably less redness. 

The mask itself is very lightly fragranced much like rose water, which was very calming! It’s moisture rich, with lots of excess serum still available inside the package. What I like is that the backside of the packaging, throughly mostly in Korean, has the most important information also available in English. The backside of all the INNISFREE masks suggest what skin solutions each mask can provide. Very helpful!

Also noteworthy is how the mask is quite wide, which I think is wonderful. This means more people can use it as it will fit more face shapes and sizes. If you have a smaller face, you can always always overlap it, which is what I do.

I wore mine for almost an hour, and my skin felt more calm, dewy, and refreshed. The glow even lasted until well past the next morning. Very pleased with it!

The “it’s real squeeze mask” line from innisfree is very affordable and works quite well. Definitely worthy of being dubbed a great “beauty on a budget” item

Check it out if you’re looking for a good mask! You can find them for about £2/each when you purchase them online. I bought mine in a pack of 8 for about £9 on eBay from a local Korean retailer.

Here’s a posting for my UK fam if you’re interested: