The Great Cake Mishap of April 2017

Savya turned 2, which means we wanted to eat chiffon cake. This year, I made sure to make one for him with lots of love. Asian Bakery Chiffon Cake was officially on the menu. I bought yummy mandarin oranges, pineapples, blueberries, and strawberries, sugar animal decorations, chocolate stars, and whipped up some fresh cream for icing. However, I screwed up the cake. Not once, but TWICE.

Firstly, I was exhausted. But that’s honestly a regular part of my life. It all started when my my handmixer crapped out. It completely broke while I was mixing my egg whites to create to a meringue. GAH! Then I realised that I forgot to add the egg yolks to the other bowl. AGH! By that time, it had hardened. NOOO. There was no way for me to salvage it. I had to throw it out. Disgusted at wasting food, I shook off the disappointment and headed out to Tesco with Savya to purchase a mixer. I ended up getting one for £8.

Some of you may be asking “but Tisha, why don’t you just purchase a KitchenAid?” Because KitchenAids cost anywhere from £300-700, I have no counter space, I have a child aka a constant accural of debt (HAH!), and we’re trying to pay off the mortgage as fast as possible. Therefore, a simple handmixer shall do for now.

Batch number two is started. But I’m so frazzled that I add cream of tartar to my egg whites and completely forget to add sugar. By the time I realise, my egg whites have gone runny and there is no way to salvage it. Annoyed, I tell myself “ARGH, just roll with it.” So I bake it in a tall tin, one which had I used once before. Although I baked it for much longer than the recipe called for, the cake refused to bake all the way, and as expected (thanks to the runny meringue), was much harder than should have been. Disappointed, I tossed it out and got ready to start again from scratch.

Did I mention I had to send Suraj to get more eggs and 2 smaller cake tins? Yeah.. I went through 15 large eggs that day. What a mess. What a waste! But clearly, third time is a charm? A short break and a strong cup of coffee helped me focus. Using two small cake tins also helped me avoid the potential raw cake problem. I still had to bake it longer than the original recipe calls for, but that’s because we have an older oven. 

The cake turned out fluffy and everyone enjoyed it. The cake disappeared at the end of the day. Yay!

I even made a personal mini cake for the little man to enjoy, which he ended up eating for lunch after having Sagun [Newar Nepalese celebratory blessing].

Happy Birthday Savya! Mommy loves you so much she refuses to give you anything less than perfection. Hopefully you chuckle while reading this one day as much as I did whilst writing it!