Tutti Bambini’s Barcelona Nursery Furniture: Transitioning from Cot-Bed to Cot!

So kiddo has been climbing in and out of his cotbed, and it’s been causing him a bit of bruising (obviously), so as it was a hazard, we decided to take the sides down. From the photos, the transition seems pretty easy, but in actuality, it took us about an hour to figure it out (granted, we had a toddler climbing all over us).

We originally purchased our entire 7-piece Barcelona Nursery Set from Tutti Bambini for under £700 at The Baby Show, which included a wardrobe, dresser with changing table, rocking chair with foot stool, toy chest, convertible cot-bed, and a matching shelf with pegs for hanging clothes.  What I want to share are the issues we ran into when changing our little man’s crib to a proper big kid bed, and the solutions that are working for us:

  1. The Barcelona cot-bed instructions require dropping both sides, which is a bit of a downer as I would have preferred just dropping one side. I’m not sure whether or not this is flexible, so we just followed the directions.
  2. Whilst the bed is sturdy enough to balance me and my kiddo (and I am by no means tiny), the marks from where the sides of the cot used to be connected have made the cot-bed look extremely worn. To remedy this, we flipped around headboard and foot board, which just barely hides it, as it is against the wall. In doing so, one of the holes got completely stripped, so I had to pop two washers behind the bolt to keep it in place. So far, so good. 
  3. Also found a crack on the bottom piece between two slats, which could have been there since time of assembly, but I’d have no way of knowing. Also could have happened during our removal of the sides, but I’d hope it wasn’t that flimsy? So far, it doesn’t seem to be jeopardising its stability. 
  4. Sav seems to be sleeping well enough with the transition to a big kid bed, but we were having issues with his mattress slipping off the bed frame. I did some research and it seems that putting a slip-proof liner underneath will help. It’s similar to the slip grips people use underneath their carpets to keep them from slipping. I purchased a nonslip inlay for underneath the mattress and also added a bit of leftover carpet underlay to help cut down on friction and help keep the mattress in place. So far so good. Personally, I think the carpet underlay works better than the stuff we bought on Amazon.
  5. We have also noticed that there is a noticeable space between the bed and the wall, thanks to the frame and the moulding on the wall. I’ve currently wedged Iggle Piggle in the gap, but we are considering using a foam bumper. It maybe a good idea to keep 3 sides of the bed in tact to avoid this? Not sure. Just musings.
  6. We purchased a BabyDan bumper to keep little man in his bed. As there is a clip underneath + inlay to keep the mattress in place, it’s quite sturdy. We are quite happy with the results thus far. Will update more as time progresses. 

The current look of Savya’s room:

[tree wall decals from Amazon]

    Overall, I would still recommend Tutti Bambini based upon their customer service, function, and price point. We have run into problems here and there, but Tutti Banbini has always been very quick to respond and remedy any issues at hand. They’ve sent us a new side of our cot when we noticed a crack, they also sent us replacement knobs for our dresser drawer when ours got stripped. I just wanted to share the problems we acquired and solutions we found during our experience with this set. I hope this post helps any parent who runs into these problems as well. 

    It takes a village! Love and blessings, everyone.