Elizavecca Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask {Review}

Okay so we’ve seen the videos out there with the black peel-off masks. First it started with charcoal, because it’s purifying and easy to obtain. Then we got obsessed with the peel off masks. Then the “peel off masks gone wrong” videos started to go viral. All fine and dandy, but what actually works and what doesn’t? So I decided to put this stuff to the test. Here are the top 3 products I’ve used and reviewed:

Product #1: Biore Charcoal Pore Strips – the original, with a little something extra to help rip those yuckies out.  Notice the videos, especially on INSTAGRAM with the gunk being ripped off? Yeah, most of the time, it’s this, not a peel-off black mask. This stuff works, but always leaves you wanting more. Not to mention, it only gets what’s on your nose. What about the rest of my face? It left me wanting more. 

Product #2: My Scheming Blackhead Removal Mask – this Taiwanese black mask manages to get out some white heads, and comes with a vial for softening your skin and allowing the mask to really penetrate into your pores and get good grip on the gunk in them. It also comes with another vial to close your pores. The problem? This stuff barely works. Yes, you can smother it everywhere, but it takes forever to dry, and when you finally rip it off, your pores are almost as clogged as they were beforehand. Only benefit is that the ripping motion exfoliates your skin, making it softer. Overall, I wasn’t impressed. On to the next one!

Product #3: Elizavecca Milkypiggy Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask – This Korean company has a lot of fantastic skin products that work, and this product does not disappoint. You steam your face (a hot 10 minute shower is also sufficient) and then cleanse and apply the mask to your face. You keep it on for anywhere for 15-30 minutes, then pull off. This stuff was amazing. It was like the Biore strips, but all over my face. The mask was much thicker quality, and dried much faster than My Scheming. The end result was like those videos we see online, and even helped bring out some of my blackheads. Anything left behind was removed by minor scraping against my nose. My face is much brighter and cleaner. Def my new favourite peel-off mask!

I purchased mine via Amazon Prime. You can get yours there too. Happy peeling!