A Cult Beauty Favourite: Laura Mercier’s Transluscent Setting Powder 

So there are a lot of beauty products saturating the market right now. While some products may be fashionably trendy at the moment, they die out in no time because the hype doesn’t live up to the function or quality of the product. That’s what sets apart trendy beauty product from the cult beauty favourites.

Kind of like the most recent wave of translucent setting powders. Everybody thinks they offer the best one. Some offers dupes. Well, sometimes the dupe turns out to be a don’t. But with my girl Laura Mercier? I’ve never had a problem. She’s always got my back, and that’s the reason why this product considered a cult beauty favourite. Works all the time, every time.

I’ve tried a few similar items on the market, but nothing compares to the finish I get with this beauty:

STORYTIME: I put this to the test when did my makeup in the car on the way to my friend’s wedding. So not only was I working with a tiny mirror, bumpy road, and weird lighting, but my skin was put to the test! 

If you have dry skin, you know that baking can be the end of the road if the product decides to dry you out. We’re talking about a product giving you patches like a Raggedy Ann doll all over your face, making you look like the last time you moisturised was 3 weeks ago. Ugh. It can make you go from great to caked in an instant. 

Baking can set your makeup, but with dry skin it can be stressful if the product isn’t forgiving.

Anyway, I contoured, highlighted, baked my face, and set my makeup in the car while my husband was driving down toward London. When I brushed away that extra powder, all I was left with was a flawlessly beaten face that lasted well throughout then night. YAAS!!

FYI: I brought lots of brushes and pre-dampened my blending sponges before I left. Pics were fab, face was fab, wedding was obvi fab. Overall? I LOVE THIS STUFF!

This stuff is amazing and needs to be in your makeup collection stat. It may cost £27,  but it comes in a well-sized tub and is WORTH it. Spend those coins wisely on the stuff that matters!