Coffee Grounds: D.I.Y Face + Body Scrub

I’ve been really into trying to find a good scrub for my face, and I really love DIY’s. I mean, who doesn’t? You can use natural ingredients and customise the product to truly fit what you require. Nobody knows your own skin like you do, so why not try it?

I started saving the coffee grounds left after my morning cup of coffee. I really enjoy using it because I feel like my coffee has two uses, which makes me feel a tiny bit more responsible about my carbon footprint. The amount of caffeine left in the coffee grounds is still significant enough to reduce cellulite and smooth skin beautifully. For example, this morning I used coffee grounds as a face scrub with a pump of my Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil (contains kukui nut oil). It worked very well and even Hubby was surprised at how soft my skin was. I followed up with serum, eye cream, and face cream with SPF.

You can use the coffee grounds by itself or choose to add extra oil to add moisture. If using on your body, you can definitely use it without oil because the coffee grounds have it’s own natural oil. However when using on your face, I would suggest adding a bit of oil to make sure it isn’t too rough on the skin. You can make this into a paste to use as a mask + scrub or grainy to be used as only a scrub.

Oils I would recommend for use include olive oil, Hawaiian kukui nut oil, or coconut oil. You can always use any oil of your preference. The purpose is to help the product move more easily on your skin and moisturise your skin. My personal favourite is kukui nut oil, which is also good for skin problems like psoriasis. If using coconut oil, I would suggest melting it and then mixing it with the coffee grounds.

DIY Directions:

  1. Let coffee grounds cool and squeeze out any remaining moisture.
  2. Allow it completely dry.
  3. Add a few drops of oil.
  4. Optional: Add a bit of raw honey or raw sugar.
  5. Mix and keep adding until your scrub reaches the consistency you want.
  6. Refrigerate your DIY coffee ground scrub and use as needed.


Pro Tip: Use in the evenings followed by a moisturising routine. Avoid exfoliating in the morning if you plan on wearing make-up. Using a scrub before will irritate your skin and make your foundation look flawed. To reduce cellulite, make it into a paste and place it on your skin for a few minutes before scrubbing in a rotating motion. You can make several different pots and even keep some grounds by itself to use as needed.

I hope this helps in your search for a good scrubby DIY!