Beauty Confessions: The Time I Decided To Wax My Face {Aloe Vera}

I’ve never been particularly hairy, which I can thank my Nepalese genes for. Most Nepalese don’t have very much hair at all, and I never had to do much hair removal. When I did, it was not more than once every two weeks for my upper lip and eyebrows. As for shaving my legs, I wouldn’t have to worry about second day stubble like most of my girl friends. However, that all changed after having baby.

There’s just something about baking a baby that makes everything more. More hormones, more acid reflux, more belly, more blood flow, more hair. Oh, the hair on my head was super full and luscious, but the hairs on my body grew thicker too. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Or in this particular case, you can’t have thick hair without needing a wax more often.

I was looking in the mirror and noticing my upper lip hairs had gotten thicker on one side, so I took out my Veet Natural Wax strips and waxed them off. Then it dawned up on me that my sideburns had gotten thicker. Thicker? I thought. This couldn’t be.

All of a sudden they looked terrible. I realized couldn’t stand them. Somewhere along that thought process I ended up grabbing a wax strip, trimming it, and adhering it to my right sideburn – *rip*

HOLY CRAP. I JUST WAXED MY FACE. Now I’ve fricken done it. Now it’s SO noticeable there is hair missing from my face! Realising what I had just done, I knew there was no going back. I completed the rest of my face, working down the right side, chin, and to the left side. Once I was done, I noticed I had stray hairs on my cheeks and that my eyebrows needed a touch up. What started as a simple upper lip removal had turned into a full on facial hair removal spree.

Feeling the effects of the wax, my skin got red and started to burn. I ran downstairs to cut off a leaf from my aloe vera plant and massaged the pulp into my skin. After a few minutes my skin cooled down. Afterward it looked hydrated, refreshed, and tightened. I’m so thankful I bought that aloe vera plant before the holiday season.

Moral of the story? Don’t jump the gun and wax your whole face at home. If you do, make sure you have aloe vera on hand for post-burn management! Haha. Will I continue waxing? Possibly, but I may just opt for threading since it’s less stressful on my skin.

DIY Tip: Grab cotton sheet masks from Amazon and let it soak up the aloe vera for a few minutes. This creates a natural aloe vera mask for cooling, healing, hydrating, and tightening your skin. It’s great for use after waxing or after a nasty sunburn.