Fresh Faced Friday: Boots {Mini} Beauty Haul!

So I went into boots for hair mousse and ended up coming out with anything but. I mean I had a good reason! I wanted a Bumble and Bumble product, but it wasn’t available. Tell me WHY only select Boots in England have them? Good luck if you’re in North Essex. *holds forehead*

Anyway, this was the only Boots I’d seen in a while with a fully stocked NYX counter. Colchester stores are NEVER stocked. In fact, one Boots location doesn’t even have a NYX corner. It’s a travesty, really. I’m not a do-or-die fan of NYX, but they’re  pretty darn good for beauty on a budget. I bought goodies from NYX and Smashbox, along with necessities like Veet Natural Wax Strips, Garnier’s Micellar Water, and knee high nude denier tights. Why the knee high? Cus I’m a grandma and I like to avoid chafing in tight shoes. BLARGH. Anyway, here are the pertinent goodies:

  • NYX ultimate shadow palette
  • NYX liquid suede in Club Hopper, Kitten Heels, Jet-Set, and Little Denim Dress
  • Smashbox colour correcting foundation primer

I’ve tried other liquid suede lipsticks with mixed feelings, so hopefully this works out. I’m intrigued by the colourful palette, so let’s hope the colours are pigmented enough to shine through some fun makeup looks! As for the primer, I’ve heard mixed reviews about it, so I’m looking forward to trying them out in the near future. 

Any suggestions for me? Leave some comments below.