Jungle Adventure: Surrounded by Wild Animals – Err, Cute Kids? {Soft Play Centre Review}

This past weekend, we headed toward Stanway’s famously clean and well-lit indoor soft play area, Jungle Adventure. Whoah, was it an adventure, alright! Lots of high energy kids running about everywhere. Slides, ropes, climbing areas,  while all exhausted parents gave each other equally exhausted looks of “in solidarity” and allowed our kiddos to commence exhausting themselves.
I’m tired just THINKING about it. 

Kids were definitely running about over the super young ones, so it was a bit worrisome at times. However, there are plenty of little play areas for the little ones. Savya enjoyed the super big slide and would slide down by himself without waiting for me. He tended to be more willing to try out play area that were exposed, versus covered. He refused to go into one slide that was fully enclosed. I was glad he refused to go down because it looked like kids were going up the wrong way and I didn’t want to hurt them with little one on my lap. 

Their facilities look very clean, bright, and are well prepared for big groups. There is a cafe, which sells sandwiches, cakes, illy coffee, and other items. I wws actually quite impressed with the menu. It seems well attended to, so I wouldn’t mind coming back. Clean… so beautifully clean. 

In all honesty, it did seem a little more rowdy for a Sunday, but that’s to be expected on a weekend, I’m sure. I noticed that in comparison to other soft play facilities we have been to, not as many parents were regulating their children. It can be a bit difficult to do so with the setup, as many of the bigger and little kids had one play area to hand out in. I figure, children will be children, so it is best to let them figure out how to play with others while making sure they don’t get hurt. I noticed some kids with lovely manners though. Well done, parents!

Overall – would definitely come back again. It seems like a great place to hold birthday parties, there are different activities held everyday, it’s bright and airy, clean, and the menu was surprisingly extensive. Win, in my book!

Warning: £5 minimum spend with card at the cafe.

Cost for entry:

  • Under 6 months: FREE
  • 6 – 11 months: £2.50
  • 1-4 years: £4.95
  • 5+ years: £6.50

More details on their website: http://www.jungleadventure.co.uk