Children’s Clothing: Why I Buy Girl’s Clothing For My Son

It all starts from the womb. Are you having a boy or girl? Blue or pink? Shirts with frills or dinosaurs? Maddening, really. Why do we put our kids in stupid gender conforming boxes? I clearly remember being a little girl with dinosaur and reptile books galore. 

I noticed that when shopping for my son, boys clothing just wasn’t as cute or comfortable as girls clothing. Most noteably was when during last summer, I realised that boys trousers were a lot thicker and more unforgiving than those in the girl’s section. Jeans for sale were clearly trending toward the “skinny” style, but without any stretch built in. 

This is incredibly inconvenient with a diapered child. It means that I would have to attempt squeezing my son into jeans. HA! Let him LIVE, he’s just a tiny kid! The idea of squeezing a diapered child at 4 months of age into jeans is ludicrous. Not to mention that it leaves absolutely no room for any pee to be caught in their diaper. Oh, and God forbid they poo – it’s going to shoot straight upward! Disaster in the making, especially when traveling outside the house. Yuck. 

Before you say anything, all said trousers, they were definitely the appropriate size for his body. After his birth we were gifted so many sets of clothing. Unfortunately, many of the trousers were too tight on his bum. Most wouldn’t go over his butt without squeezing. Looks like someone also inherited mama’s badonkadonk! *insert Kimoji here*

When searching desperately for other alternatives, I found that everything was either bulky sweatpants or bulky and unforgiving jeans. My inner fashionista was cringing. Does this mean kiddo was forced to wear sweatpants until he was or of diapers? How drab. 

I was kind of disappointed until someone accidentally gifted us a dark blue set of clothing which happened to belong to the girls section. A loose top and leggings, completely gender neutral. Not only did kiddo look stylish, but he was very comfortable. The leggings also means that mommy doesn’t have to worry about his pee or poop being squeezed out, unlike whenever he wore jeans or trousers.

After that, I started looking around the girls section for gender neutral leggings. I ended up buying a few packs that had pink in them, but we just wear the pink ones around the house. To be honest though, I wouldn’t mind going about town with him wearing pink leggings. He looks great in pink, and has since outgrown the two pink shirts I had bought him (from the boys section at Carter’s around Valentine’s Day last year). 

In fact, I just bought two more pairs of black leggings from the girls section the day before yesterday. “Leggings again?” Asked Hubby. Absolutely. And I will keep buying them because they make my sons like easier, and therefore mine more manageable. 

So now Savya has a mix of jeans, sweat pants, track pants, trousers, and leggings in his wardrobe. When he grows out of nappies and decides he no longer likes the look, we can stop. But until then, I have no problem shopping in the girls section for him.