L’Oréal Silver Shampoo {Review}

There are quite a few purple shampoos on the market, and I own two of them. I tried L’Oréal Silver Shampoo after seeing a lot of reviews on Amazon and by YouTube/IG celebs who rave about it. “Affordable and it works,” was the tune most loudly sung about this product. 

I saw plenty of blondes and brunettes using the product, so I figured I’d give it a go. Why not for under £10? I tried the product 2x a week for a 3 weeks to see if it actually did the trick to remove the brassy tones in my balayage painted hair. 

The shampoo itself is a nice rich purple. It’s strong smelling, despite the fragrance infused to mask those fumes. I’ve also noticed that it leaves a filmy residue on my skin when I wash my hair, which makes me feel icky. 

Unfortunately the biggest downside for me was that this product leaves my hair very brittle and dry. I have to use an intensive deep conditioner after using this product, which can leave my thin hair looking very flat. The final colour of my hair was only slightly changed. My hair still had much of the brassy tone left behind, so I soon afterward bought another brand with a much darker blue/purple shade in the hopes it would help me achieve the look I wanted. 

This product is great for blonde hair or hair treated with lighter and ashy tones. For darker coloured hair like mine, it’s best you go with a darker purple or blue toning shampoo.