Fresh Faced Friday: Product Review for Bumble & Bumble’s BB Curl (Line)

I have wavy hair that is also frizzy. This means that I walk a thin line between “dose curls doe” and Einstein hair. I usually straighten my hair or tie it out of my face. If want to my hair to behave in its natural and wavy state, I use Bumble and Bumble’s BB Curl line. It just helps my hair go that extra mile. This sulfate-free line helps boost your already natural curls to makes them even more beautiful. Not to mention, their styling products give you a polished look with crunch-free curls. About time, if you ask me. I’m so done with crunchy curls. It was not a cute look in the 90’s, not in 2000, and def not in 2016.

For curly hair days, I start with my BB Curl  sulfate-free shampoo and follow it up with the BB Curl care conditioner. It’s co-wash, which means you don’t have to wash it out as it can be used as a leave-in conditioner. I then dry my hair with a clean cotton shirt to reduce frizz and spritz my damp hair with BB Curl style primer and comb it through to prepare my hair for styling and protect it from heat (e.g. blow drying). I use the BB Curl style conditioning mousse and work it through my hair evenly. I also use BB thickening full form mousse on my scalp to get some volume as my hair tends to get flat quite easily.  I either air dry by creating ringlets and pinning it up with clips ,or use a diffuser to achieve my curls. I lock in the curls with a bit of BB Curl Style anti-humidity gel-oil. I use very little and focus it only at the ends of my curls as too much can make my hair heavy and look greasy

This line boasts that is great for all types of curls, from waves to ringlets. Based upon my personal experience, I see no reason to doubt them. Dependant upon your type of hair, you can use different techniques to help you lock in your look, but these products will definitely make it easier.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful. What hair products are your favourite? Post below and let me know!