Fresh Faced Friday: Product Review for No7’s Precision Lips Pencil (Nude)

So the other day I stumble into Boots whilst searching for something or the other I needed (read: wanted). Unable to find it, I wander over to the No7 counter and peruse the goods on display. I decide to go home with a lip liner. A light, pinky nude colour is exactly what I feel I need, so I take the “Nude” and check-out shortly afterward. 
I come home and peel off the casing to open the product. I roll up the product to try it on. I press it to my lips and draw, but there is no change. 

The colour does not transfer. 

I press harder and the very edge of the tip snaps off. I try again and the same thing happens. Disgusted, I grimace at my poor purchase and shovel it away into my vanity. 

Absolutely disappointing on all levels. Product seemed dry and unable to move properly. As previously mentioned, all packaging was in tact before use. 
No7’s lip products don’t really do much for me, unfortunately. I’ve bought a matte lipstick by them which I also was not thrilled about, which I’ll review this soon.

Overall, I personally don’t recommend this product based upon my own experience, but it can always work differently for others. I will not purchasing No7 lip products, but I will probably continue to buy their facial products.