Fresh Faced Friday: How I Fixed My Hard Water Damaged Hair [Pureology Purify Review]

I have thin, wavy hair with a tendency to be frizzy. When I moved to England, it got worse. After my last colour treatment however, things took a turn for the worst. My hair turned into a birds nest made of twig and hay; I was desperate for a solution.

I did whatever I could. Hot oil treatments, deep conditioning, changing my hair products, washing, not washing. Even ignoring my hair and throwing it up in a bun and slicking it down with malleable hair wax. Nothing worked. Did I mention my ashy balayage was turning yellow and not responding to treatments? Horrific. *

Desperate, I turned to my friends on Facebook to ask what their favourite cleansing shampoo was. I had used Bumble and Bumble’s Sunday cleansing shampoo in the past, but it never did much for me. 

My friends Sasha and Puja recommended I use Pureology’s Purify cleansing shampoo. Pureology is a non-sulfate, vegan shampoo company. I had used Pureology before, but I stopped because I found the product to be a bit heavy, leaving my hair flat and limp. Considering my hair was thicker than before with the added stress of the hard water problem I was having, I figured a bit of heavy product wouldn’t hurt this time around. 

I was right. After a few washes, I could see a noticeable difference. A few weeks later, I had successfully removed most of the calcium deposits on my hair. My conditioner could finally reach my hair! My hair was so much softer and much more agreeable. This also made it possible for my toning shampoo to work. I am currently in the process of bringing down those awful yellow tones in my hair. 

I’m a believer. Use Pureology’s Purify cleansing shampoo if you need a solution! Let me state that even the last salon I went to in England for a deep condition treatment couldn’t do what this shampoo did for my hair. Save those coins, ladies! 

I personally like to use a detangler to get in between each of the strands and remove any product build up or calcium deposits. I know you’re not supposed to brush your hair when wet, but whatever. It works for me! Using the detangler works well when conditioning (especially deep conditioning) your hair. Hope this helps anyone in need!


* Keep in mind that removing any limescale on your shower head can also help protect your hair and skin from further hard water damage. You can easily do this overnight by covering your limescaled shower head with a ziplock bag filled with vinegar. Keep it in place with a rubber band or hair tie. Make sure it is undisturbed overnight (8-12 hours). Finally, use a cleaning brush to remove the leftover deposits for a shower head that is just-like-new!