Go Shawty, it’s ya Birthday

So this past month I turned 30. I didn’t mourn at the idea of my 20’s disappearing, nor did I embrace approaching my 30’s. It just kind of happened. 

I ordered a delicious fluffy mango mousse cake topped with fresh fruits from M.M. Oriental. Before I knew it, Saturday morning arrived and Suraj woke me up with McDonald’s breakfast, 2 cards (from him and Savya) and a bouquet of tri-coloured roses. 

I went downstairs to feed Savya and cut cake. I received a card and blessings from my in-laws. We didn’t do much that weekend as it ended up being low-key. I did receive lots of birthday wishes sent via messages, in the form of FaceTime birthday songs, and through various social media channels. It was so nice to receive wishes from everyone; I felt so warm and fuzzy inside!

We ended up shopping for toys and pjs for our son, returning home to cook a steak dinner since we didn’t make any reservations. It ended up being good because I honestly didn’t feel like dressing up for the evening. 

My aunt said “being a mom means your birthday’s is just another day; responsibilities must be handed. There’s no day off, you just have to carry on doing things as they are needed.” How true that is. Looking at past birthday celebrations before Savya and my life currently, there is a huge change in dynamic. I think what surprised me is how I was so content with it; I didn’t want anything else! I enjoy caring for our son, although even I need a break from time to time. 

It was a wonderful weekend, spending time with those whom I love. I’m so thankful that we are blessed to be financially stable, in a loving relationship, and with our health intact. 

Here’s to starting my 30’s!