Fresh Faced Friday: Wake and Bake (nah, not that kind)

“Baking” is a term originally coined by the drag community to explain the act setting powder on your face and leaving it there so that your body temperature can melt it into your concealer and skin. After about 5-10 minutes, dust off the excess to find that your makeup has an absolutely flawless and creaseless finish. It’s been a technique used by the drag community for years, only hitting mainstream when popularised by Kim Kardashian West via her MUA Mario.  

Kim Kardashian West, taking a selfie while “baking” her makeup

The areas most typically used for baking are underneath the eyes and from the corner of your lips to ear beneath the cheekbone (as above). This technique will mask dark circles and makes your face appear slimmer and sharper. Other areas used are on the chin and above upper lip. This makes the makeup longer lasting, which can help avoid the dreaded mid-day reapplication.

You also know it’s legit because Kim Kardashian West’s MUA Mario uses this technique. While some may not like her, we cannot deny her makeup is always flawless.

The quality of translucent powder you use to bake and your skin tone will determine how it looks. Girls with dry skin like me, need to be mindful of that. You can take all the effort to contour and bake with high end products and still look caked up if you don’t moisturise and use the proper materials for your skin type. 


  1. I moisturise religiously and use eye cream before smoothing on primer
  2. After doing my eye makeup, I pat in my corrector and foundation
  3. I blend in my contour and undereye concealer with a damp beauty blender
  4. I bake my under eyes and ear-to-lips area by adding a generous amount of setting powder for 1-3 minutes 
  5. While baking, I finish the rest of my face (blush, lipstick, highlight nose)
  6. Brush off excess powder with a clean brush
  7. Add a little highlight above my cheekbones, spritz on the setting spray, and I’m all done!


I personally love Laura Mercier’s translucent powder the most because I’ve found it to work best on my dry skin and it doesn’t make my skin cake up at all. I once baked in the car on the way to my friend’s wedding and my makeup ended up flawless all night to the point where I was reluctant to take it off. Fantastic product. 

If looking for a more affordable brand, NYX HD powder is damned good for the price point. You can find my review here

I’ve also heard Ben Nye Banana Powder is very good, but have yet to try it. 

Do you bake your face? What translucent powders are your favourite?