MOTD & Product Review for Maybeline FIT ME! Matte + Poreless Foundation

Okay, so I’ll admit, I was really skeptical about this product when I bought it. it’s been forever since I bought a drugstore brand of makeup. Sounds snobby, but when you get used to higher end brands, you tend to stick with to it. Not to mention that my skin is sensitive and normal to dry, and this foundation is for normal to oily skin. I found so myself impressed by how many skin tones were available. Adding the rave reviews to that meant that I just had to see what the hype was about. 


  1. The product was nice and creamy. I noticed that it builds well, meaning you can add more layers for more adequate coverage and it doesn’t look streaky or unnatural. I use a brush and then use a damp blender. 
  2. Once on my skin, I was quite happy with the look and colour. It’s actually a closer skin tone match for me than my usual Bobbi Brown foundation. 
  3. I contoured, baked, highlighted with this product as my base. FLAWLESS EFFING FINISH! 
  4. I wore this foundation for 12 hours and it stayed perfectly. Some high ends don’t even do that with primer and setting spray! Absolutely blown away by this brand.
  5. Versatile and absolutely affordable at £5.99 for 30 mL!


  1. It felt really drying. I noticed that this is because denatured alcohol is the fifth item on the ingredients list.  Horrible for me personally as this dried my skin further and can result in caked up makeup. This is probably why it’s such a good product for those with oily skin. 
  2. I could feel the product sucking the oil out of my face; it wasn’t comfortable. I fixed the extreme drying situation by mixing pure Argan oil with my foundation. This helps to break down the alcohol, which keeps the makeup from drying my skin and keeps it looking flawless. Remember, oil breaks down makeup, so you can use this knowledge to your advantage. If you do have oily skin and you need to retouch your makeup, gently blot your skin to remove the oil and then retouch it. Building on top of oil just means your making a fine paste which means FLAKY CAKEY SKIN! Yuck. 
  3. I really wish they made a dewy 24 hour formula for dry skin! 

Definitely not the best as it’s not for my skin type, but I’ve found a hack for now! I continue to search for a new drugstore brand as I now enjoy switching between makeup brands. Any recommendations for dry skin?

Thanks for reading about my Maybelline experience! What affordable makeup products are your favourite?