Fresh Faced Friday: Product Review for Mizon Snail Ampoule! ๐ŸŒ

After seeing how lovely the Mizon All-In-One serum, I had to try the Ampoule. Ampoule is a very concentrated version of a serum, often used to help your skin rejuvenate after any skin crisis. You should use it after cleanser and toner. 

I really love the shape of the bottle, and it’s packaged in the classic brown glass as the rest of the Mizon Snail line. The dropper makes it very convenient to dispense onto my face the rest is dewy, moisturised, glowing skin. I mean, who doesn’t like glowing skin?!

You can find this on Amazon or EBay. I ordered it on Amazon as we have Prime, and why not enjoy that free next-day shipping? 

Well that’s my glowing (ya see what I did there?) review for Mizon’s Snail Ampoule thus far. Really loving how soft it has made my skin!

Feel free to tell me your own favourites. Anything that you like for pore minimisation? I am always trying to find more skin products that will help me minimise the pores on my cheeks. 

#TeamToddler = #TeamNoSleep = #TeamMassivePores

Im trying to do this to my skin without having to use porefiller makeup. In other words, I want a miracle serum to fix my tired, ageing skin! Haha. Any tips? I’m all ears!