Tasty Tuesday: The Case of the Thai Takeaway

So it was a Saturday evening, the In-Laws were away, and husband was in the mood for Thai food but didn’t want me to cook. We said okay to ordering Thai food in Colchester from one of two restaurants which were recommended by a friend with the warning that it would be mediocre by normal standards but decent by Colchester’s. 

Now Suraj and I rarely order takeaway in Colchester, unless it’s from this ONE Chinese takeaway spot we like. We remain very skeptical about restaurants in this town as a result of the poor quality of food they serve. It just isn’t up to what you’d find in cities like London or the SF Bay Area. I’m not sure whether or not restaurants either do not care or if they seriously don’t know any better. Unless you’re hittin up Nando’s or BK, we tend to recommend that you abstain unless you know better. 

Anyway, back to our story. 

So we order from Naka Thai on the JustEat app, one of two Thai places in Colchester. We order satay chicken, chicken wings, beef green curry and chicken tom yum goong. 2.5/5 stars – it’s a shit show. The chicken was dry in both dishes, beef green curry was watery. The chicken wings were tiny and uneventful in flavour. The only redeeming factor was the broth for the tom yum goong, which actually wasn’t half bad.

Disappointedly, we both agreed that the Thai curry I make in 20 minutes with Maesri green curry paste from the local Asian grocery store is 1000 times better than whatever thinned out concoction they gave us. Curry should never be thinner than a soup and this was. The chicken was even dry in the Tom Yum Goong. How is that even possible?

Overall, incredibly disappointing. The Chinese spot we frequent has a way better satay chicken dish! I remain on with the search for a decent food establishment in Colchester! Wish me luck, folks. 

Xoxo. W