Nuna Leaf, A Rocker That Grows With Your Child {Product Review}

When searching for a rocker, we searched a few brands. Ultimately, this product is what lead us to invest in all the other NUNA brand products we have purchased (pushchair, car seats). Here’s what it’s all about:

NUNA Leaf (with toy bar):

What I liked:

  1. Birth to 40kgs. This was the main factor for choosing NUNA leaf vs the 4Moms rocker. No motor also means less chance to break down.
    it grows with your child – fancy that!
  2. MSavya is almost 15 months old and still actively uses it. Very handy for naps and playing!
  3. You can purchase an optional toy bar. It’s so cute! I can’t tell you how exciting it was to first see Savya playing with the toy bar for the first time and trying to hit the toys dangling from it!

What I didn’t like:

  1. Toy bar is sold separately. Come on, NUNA! Include it please! It’s only useful for about 6 months anyway.  🙂

I hope this helps anyone in the market for a rocker! Thanks for reading.