Fresh Faced Friday: Beautiful Skin BB Cream by No7 {Review}

“Tisha,” you ask, “what exactly is BB Cream?” It’s in all-in-one life saver for the girl who wants light coverage in her life. It includes serum, moisturiser, tint, sunscreen, and primer. This can be an absolutely lifesaver. After applying, you have to allow your skin to absorb the product for a few minutes. You can always use more if you think more layers as needed. A BB cream’s main objective is to make your skin tone even. 

As you know, I’m quite intrigued by Boot’s own beauty brand, No7. I use their day and night creams like it’s religion (Lift & Luminate) and I’m a devout worshipper. I adore their radiance primer with its brightening purple sheen. However, their BB Cream leaves much left to be wanted.

I bought No7’s Beautiful Skin BB cream a month ago in Medium after consulting a No7 salesperson. I’ve used it multiple times. Always after throughly moisturising my skin. I apply it with my fingers and work it into my skin. Yet each time, I remain disappointed. 

After applying, it remains very streaky on my skin, regardless of how well I work it into my skin. Even though it was supposed to be my skin tone, the colour doesn’t work; “Beautiful Skin” just makes me look ashy and tired. The product just refuses to sit right on my skin, so I’m convinced it just isn’t the product for me. It also may be because I was sold the wrong skin type – I was sold normal/oily when I have normal/dry skin. My main qualm is that I’ve noticed that it also doesn’t wear very well. After only a few hours out on a hot day, my husband said to me “honey, your makeup is starting to come off.” Ew. So not cute. 

Overall, the colour and consistency just doesn’t do it for me. Very disappointing. I continue my hunt for a quality long wear be cream! I think I will go to Bobbi Brown for their BB or CC Cream (more heavy duty) as most of their other products work wonderfully for my skin. 

Here’s a link to a great video by WishTrendTV to help you with your BB Cream applications: How to Apply BB Cream in 7 Different Ways

Hope this helps on your journey for a beautifully fresh face!