Tasty Tuesday: The Sukuti Life

Nepali’s absolutely love sukuti. The word itself makes most people’s mouth start to water. What is sukuti? It is goat meat that has been smoked under a fire and dried very well. Almost like a very thick, jerky. It’s stored and used to make curries, stews, and other delicious Nepalese foods to warm the belly and the soul. The purpose is for long term storage of the delicious meat. 

The above is actually a full goat that was purchased from a local farm. The meat is first cut into pieces and then shredded into long slices. The slices are first hung on rods above the fire pit, then when they are halfway smoked, they are laid down to be smoked. The person in charge has to make sure that the meat is constantly turned so that it gains the rich flavour of the smoking wood without burning. 

Pieces of meat with bones are also smoked, as it is very tasty in stews. 

It definitely is a 4 hour process (minimum), but the flavour makes it well worthwhile.

Do you have any foods that you love but require a bit more TLC to create? Let me know!