Nuna Pippa Infant Carseat {Product Review}

To follow up with my previous post on the Nuna IVVI chassis, here are details on the PIPPA, NUNA’s first year car seat:

Pippa Newborn-to-Infant Car Seat:

What I liked:

  1. This car seat came with a lot of padding which was perfect for the little guy when he arrived. We literally had to do no adjustments, just put him in (adaptors included) and went home.
  2. I didn’t have to worry about his little head rolling forward at all.
  3. He always fell asleep instantly in the car seat. I assume that is because it’s quite comfortable.
  4. As he grew, we moved the seat belts up a few notches and took out the padding to adjust for his size. Absolutely brilliant for their first year of life.

We replaced it with the next stage carseat from NUNA when he was about a year old as he is quite tall. (I’ll do a review on this one soon) My little man also loves his new NUNA car seat. Trust when I say, these car seats are pretty amazing.

What I didn’t like:

  1. The child restraint belts would tend to get caught and refuse to budge when we needed to put him in. We sometimes really had to work to get them out. After a while of course, you figure out how to get them to work fairly quickly.


PippaFIX (isofix base):

What I liked: 

  1. It is safe, supported, and reliable. Case closed!

What I didn’t like:  

  1. Personal preference dictates my dislike of footed Isofix bases. I simply find it easier to move from car to car when the base is just on the seat itself. This is also because a baby’s seat can tip forward if the adjustment is too high and hasn’t been levelled properly.
  2. I noticed that fixed base car seats like Cosetto (which I used for 3 months when visiting in California) do not have this issue.
  3. Despite preference,  Suraj says there is more supporting evidence that Isofix is safer. Therefore disregard my winging.

HEALTH AND SAFETY, MATES! (HA!) What car seats do you have, and why did you chose it? Would love to know – pop a comment down below and share!