New Beauty Favourite: NYX Curve Eyeliner Pen

So I sauntered into Boots with the premise of solely purchasing night cream. I really like the No7 brand for face goodies (primer, day cream, night cream). But then I noticed the NYX display case behind them and well… I felt compelled to move toward it. This is how I bought 2 new suede lippies and the curve eyeliner. I honestly could have kept shopping but Suraj gave me the stink eye. Bahahahaha. Sorry booboo, we women LOVE good makies.

I was curious to see what the buzz was about. A few IG MUA’s have posted videos with this crazy looking pen so I had to check it out. It was only £12 and it’s waterproof. Tell me how NYX is amazingly good with its price point? YAS girlfriends, YAHHHHS. 🙌


The eyeliner pen itself is designed for optimal ease when, as my dad says, you’re, “painting your face.” Super easy. Reduces the amount of fix ups you need. No accidentally squishing your nose while doing your eyeliner. No awkward hand positioning that compromises application. I was literally done in 2 minutes, no q-tips used! Whereas the weekend before, I had spent 10 minutes with my benefit eyeliner. Though everyone has bad eyeliner days. It’s a given. ✍🏽

The second test was when I used it on my friend and when I widened the wing for the evening bit. Again, within minutes. Much easier than a regular pen. Doesn’t leave weird residue like revlon’s colour stay eyeliner (which isn’t waterproof). Doesn’t pull at the last application like Benefit’s “They’re Real” eyeliners. 

Hands down, my new favourite pen. It may have been that the primer and setting spray also helped it stay in place, but I noticed that it was quite good quality! It didn’t smudge at all. Quite pleased and I recommend it to anyone who likes a little Kohl on their eyes 😘