Product Review: NUNA’s IVVI Pushchair

My dear expectant and established mothers, fathers, parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends… let me tell you a true story. 

I once met a lady who told me she had 7 strollers, prams, and pushchairs packed inside a two-story flat with her partner and 5 children. I know it sounds like the beginnings of, “I met an old lady who lived in a shoe,” but let me tell you my friend, it’s absolutely true. Some ended up just being too bulky, too short, too flimsy, etc. She prattled off some brand names as well, which I suppose goes to show that more expensive is not necessarily better.

My goal is to save you time and money by giving you my honest opinion of the NUNA pushchair so that you can form your own without having to purchase 7 prams to figure out which is your favourite. H

Now Hubby Suraj and I first bought all our NUNA products via their booth at The Baby Show in London in February 2015, only two months before baby arrived. The most important thing the sales person impressed upon us was the importance of buying a pushchair that fit our lifestyle. Yes, baby will be driven around in it, he said, but babies will agree to anything they are put into. What is most relevant is how we, the parent, will be actively using it.

Therefore before purchasing, consider whether or not any pushchair will be complimentary to your lifestyle.

NUNA’s Customer Service & Warranty:

They have a two-year warranty on all items and one-year warranty on all accessories. NUNA’s customer service is ACE, DH and I were so impressed. We had an issue with the original chassis and emailed them with the original invoice and details of our problem. They sent out a new chassis and exenders for our pushchair seat that very day. It arrived within the week. To be honest, it arrived within 2 days. ACE I tell you!

IVVI Pushchair (with seat & chassis):

What I like:

  1. This Pushchair is versatile and heavy duty. Your child is definitely going to be well protected in there!
  2. The colour – We ordered it in Safari, and the colour is just lovely. I always get complimented on it!
  3. I love how the shopping basket is big enough to support your trip to the local grocers. No really, it’s massive and heavy duty. Feel free to stop by at H&M too, provided LO isn’t going to throw a fit.
  4. As per NUNA, the seat is actually appropriate for newborns as it can lay completely flat. As they get older, this enables your little one to get a truly comfortable nap even while you’re out and about.
  5. You can position the seat either forward or backward facing.
  6. The hood is MASSIVE! Super thick and long to shade from all sorts of weather.
  7. It’s compatible with the Pippa car seat (up to 1 year), which is great for moving sleeping infants flawlessly from car to pushchair, and back again.

What I don’t like:

  1. Storage issues – The chassis is huge, heavy, and does not collapse flat. Expect this to take up a significant amount of space in your home or in the boot of your car. Luckily, we have space.
    • NUNA’s website does have a new pushchair that collapses flat though, so that may be a better option for those of you who are interested in that feature.
  2. There is not not really a one-handed way to comfortably manoeuvre the entire pram.
  3. Lack of upper area storage, not easy to find an addition. I eventually found one on Amazon though, which is working great for both our pushchair and stroller.


IVVI Carry Cot:

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 23.44.01

What I liked: 

  1. The carry cot is absolutely adorable and very easy to assemble.
  2. There’s MORE storage?!
  3. It came with a rain cover
  4. It’s a beautiful colour and extremely easy to clean, use, open. I absolutely loved it.

What I disliked: 

  1. Nothing. No problems whatsoever.


Accessories included with our purchase: 

  • foot muff
  • plastic weather cover for both pushchair and carry cot

And that’s a wrap! We also have a MacLaren Globetrotter stroller which is amazing for travelling and quick errands around town. I’ll update you on that purchase soon in an upcoming post.

What kind of pushchair works best for you and your little one? Let me know by  leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading!


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