Savya’s “Over the Rainbow” 1st Birthday Party!

Hey All!

So Savya turned 1 and we threw him a little party. Well, to be honest, we weren’t going to do anything. From my side of the Nepali culture, we aren’t supposed to celebrate until the child is 2 years old, but Suraj’s side is okay with it. Because my Mom wants to have little man in California for his 2nd birthday, Suraj and I decided to do a little something for little man. Well, it started out small for about 10-15 people. Then we realised we hadn’t seen some people and decided to call more friends and family. And it, um…. Somehow turned into a party for 40. Hehe. 😅  Oh well, NBD, right? Luckily I had help! My Father-In-Law BBQ’d, my Mother-In-Law helped with the kitchen, and my aunt and uncle visiting from NY ended up arriving early and helped with some of the setup and decorations around the house.

It was at the end of April and still quite windy and cold, so we put a tent in the backyard and suggested everyone hold on to their jackets. We also had a ball pit and soft play area for the young children! For £60, it was well worth keeping the kids out of trouble.

We served lunch with BBQ pork belly and chicken wings, Vegetarian Jhap Chae (Korean glass noodles), Pan Roasted Rainbow Pasta, American Potato Salad, Egg Rolls, Rainbow Veggie platter with ranch dressing, Rainbow Fruit platter with fresh whipped cream, and an assortment of other sweets and savouries on the main table. Like those rainbow cupcakes. Yes, I made them by myself. Yes, I should have added more frosting. No, I did not make the fondant toppers. Yes, they were super cute. Hehe!

The Rainbow Spread!
Cake by May Ng of M.M Oriental

I wish I had photographed the more of people and food, but with cooking and hosting, I had absolutely no time to capture moments like I usually do.

The only photo of the very happy birthday boy with my uncle from NY.

Too bad I didn’t get a decent of the birthday boy in his customised rainbow one piece. Oh well, this will suffice for now:

Charlie [Farlie Photography] during our one year photoshoot

Well, that’s a wrap for Savya’s “Over the Rainbow” 1st Birthday Party. Did you celebrate your little one’s first birthday with a theme or did you chose to keep it a private moment with just close family? Either way, I’d love to know – send me a comment below!