Purple Rain [RIP Prince]

And just like that, another icon disappears into the folds of what we call time.

Dear Prince, we shall miss you. The hair, the flair, that amazing range, the brains behind so many hit songs, your own and those sang by other artists. Popular metropolitan cities were lit in purple, mourning your loss. But we will not mourn your death, but rather celebrate your life.

Social media sites were flooded with tributes and remembrances of the artist. From California to New York, sites like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, people were uploading videos, quotes and photos to give comfort and strength to one another.

Prince inspired people, which is why many were hurt so badly when news of his death broke. He was to me, an icon who completely threw out the window what the perception of “being a man” was. He was completely secure in his sexuality. He never had a problem wearing ruffles, sequins, make-up, heels; His iconic performance when he wore that leopard print bikini with thigh high boots on stage, strutting with so much charisma. Women and men both fell in love with him. Thanks to him, the way has been paved for future artists who can truly be themselves.

There will never be another Prince. Yes, sometimes his inability to change was annoying. Like shiny peach latex in 2015? But he always stayed true to who he was and what his music represented. That deserves respect.

Rest in peace, beautiful soul.